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RUSH: Yes, I saw the eclipse. I was in an area of totality in North Dakota. I’m sorry, it was Idaho. I stopped in Idaho to pick up some people on the way to Hawaii, and I saw it, and I was conflicted because it was Apple beta release day too. (interruption) No, I’m not kidding.

I had to say, “Okay, what’s more important to me: Downloading the latest beta when it’s released or seeing the eclipse?” The eclipse is supposed to… The total eclipse was gonna happen within 20 minutes after the beta was released, if it was on time. I was able to do both ’cause they released the beta early, about five minutes early. I went to the FBO (better Wi-Fi network than the plane), started downloading, and then I looked out the windows — and as I saw it getting darker, I went outside. I had special glasses, and it was incredible.

For a minute, it was almost nighttime dark, and it got 10 degrees cooler, and it was weird. I’d never… I’ve been through eclipses before, but not in an area of totality. And it was just a few seconds — you know, a minute — and then it ends. Once there’s just a sliver of light, then it seems like a normally bright day. It took just a matter of minutes, even though the eclipse was still taking place, and I walked back in the FBO and I finished my downloads the beta.

In fact, there’s a new one slated in five minutes here, if it’s on time. So I was able to do both by the use of economization of time and situational awareness, advanced preparations to handle being able to do both at the same time. So it was a great start to the trip. I mean, that was the first day of the trip.

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