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RUSH: Man, I tell you, I don’t care what’s happening in Houston, the Trump hate is ongoing. The anti-Trump thinking, actions, the protests, the apparent desire to rip this country apart and eventually destroy it goes on unabated, as does the meteorological disaster taking place in southeastern Texas.

We’ll start with the meteorological disaster in southeastern Texas first. We can get through that fairly — well, in a little less time than it will take to document the Trump hate today and the actions of the worldwide and American left, led by the media to continue to destroy Trump.

It’s gotten to the point now that there are major stories in major publications like the Daily Mail criticizing the shoes Melania Trump was wearing today when she boarded Air Force One for the trip down to Texas that the media is saying that Trump shouldn’t be making because it’s too soon. And because the media says Trump doesn’t have the ability to comfort people anyway, that Trump just repulses people, Trump repels people.

Nobody wants to be hugged by Trump like everybody wanted to be hugged by Clinton and Obama. That Trump just can’t pull this off. He’d be better off not going to Texas. He’d be better off just quitting and retiring and resigning and building Trump Tower in Moscow like he wanted to do in the first place and just get out of this and let either Orrin Hatch take over or the Democrats or somebody, but anybody but Trump.

I mean, that’s pretty much a summary. Melania wore five-inch stiletto heels under her jeans today as she boarded Air Force One. The Drive-Bys are saying, “She can’t go walking in the flood like that. That’s absolutely obscene. Who does she think she is?” Now, does anybody think she’s gonna be wearing the five-inch stilettos walking through the flood? Does anybody think Melania’s gonna be walking through flood ravaged areas of Houston? And interestingly enough, it’s the U.K. Daily Mail which used to be a reliably responsible place that’s leading the charge against Melania’s stilettos today, and it was predictable. You saw that on TV. You just knew — I did, anyway — that the media would not be able to ignore it.

It looks like that, according to the National Weather Service and Texas state officials that Hurricane Harvey will set a U.S. record for the most rainfall over a three-day period and over a 20,000 square mile area. A 20,000 square mile area is about 140 miles by 140 miles. There are a couple of reservoirs in Houston, earthen dams and so forth. I don’t think they’ve been eclipsed, and they are in danger now of overflowing. It is said that if that happens, that we may not know how to describe the destruction that will then happen.

With those reservoir waters released on top of the flooding caused by the rain and all of this drainage, it’s amazingly, if you look at a drainage map, river drainage map of Texas, southeastern Texas, you’ll find that the drainage is all aiming at Houston, in the Houston area, and the Galveston area, as it was naturally designed. The Trinity River goes up to Dallas. There are a bunch of ’em and if you follow the drainage patterns, which I looked at this morning, they all are designed to drain toward the Gulf in the direction of Houston and the southeast part of the state.

So three day rainfall record. It’s still raining. The hurricane left land went back out to the Gulf and is now coming back, and what Houston’s getting is essentially the north and northwestern quadrant of the storm with the winds basically from the east to the west or basically the northeast to the southwest. And it’s just piling more and more rain on an area that obviously cannot accept it.

Now, I said yesterday there are meteorological reasons for this, and what I meant by that is that this would be happening whether there was climate change caused by man going on or not. Now, one of the things I said yesterday turns out to be erroneous, and I will proudly and happily admit that my source for it was the Drive-By Media. I happened to be doing prep getting ready for the program yesterday, I was cramming on Sunday.

And I ran into a number of stories in the Drive-Bys that explained the strength, the late strengthening of Hurricane Harvey was because of the elevated sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, that they are two to three degrees above normal. And it turns out that that’s irrelevant. I have a chart here that has been prepared by Dr. Roy Spencer at his website, drroyspencer.com, and it charts Texas major hurricane land falls and western Gulf of Mexico sea surface temperatures.

And what it shows is that major hurricanes have formed regardless what the sea surface temperature is in the Gulf of Mexico. The best way to say it is that hurricanes have no preference for whether sea surface temperatures are above or below normal.

What Dr. Spencer has done here is charted the sea surface temperature from 1870 to the present, as best the records have, and then charted all of the hurricanes, major hurricane landfalls in the western Gulf of Mexico and contrast that with sea surface temperature. And you see hurricanes where sea surface temperatures are below normal. We’re talking major hurricane landfalls, not just tropical storms. And you see major hurricane formation when sea surface temperatures are above normal.

So this chart and this data would tend to indicate that the sea surface temperature’s irrelevant to either the formation of a hurricane or the strength of a hurricane. Yet in the Drive-By Media, and I guess through the mainstream meteorology, sea surface temperatures are being said to be the primary culprit. What is known here is this is a record rainfall because this hurricane isn’t moving, and there are meteorological reasons why the hurricane isn’t moving. There are two high-pressure areas, one to the west of it, one to the east of it, that have it boxed in, it just can’t go anywhere. And until one of those high-pressure area dissipates or moves on, the hurricane is gonna remain where it is.

Now, eventually that’s expected to happen and the hurricane is gonna become a tropical depression, then a posttropical depression, and it’s gonna make tracks from where it is currently — let’s just call it over Houston, easiest way to describe where it is now. And the track has it running straight northeast. That means the high-pressure area that is to the east is gonna move away or dissipate or what have you. But by the time that happens this thing is gonna become a posttropical storm. It’s still gonna have a lot of rainfall.

Where does the rainfall come from? This is another thing that people are asking. The answers to these questions I think are important because everything in our country’s been politicized. We cannot avoid that. Everything has been politicized. Sports is now politicized. The weather is politicized. Climate is politicized. Rainfall is politicized. Now, it’s obvious who’s done this. It’s the American left. It’s the Democrat Party, the media. Because politics is their lifeblood. It’s the source of their power. It is where they derive their reason for existence, energy, and all of that.

And so they have literally politicized everything as a way of demonizing their opponents as well. So we have to deal with it according to that basis. Wish we didn’t. Wish we could deal with this as strictly as a meteorological occurrence. We can’t. Because they’re lying to people about what’s causing this. They’re lying to people about why this is happening. Where does the water come from? Where does all of this rain come from? People have logical questions. Why this much rain over Houston? Why don’t we get this kind of rain in a thunderstorm, say, over Missouri?

Why don’t we get this kind of rain in thunderstorms over — we would if the systems were stationary and if the circumstances were such that this kept being fueled, which is what’s happening here. Hurricane Harvey isn’t moving appreciably, and the things that require it to stay strong are abundantly present. So if it ran on gasoline it’s constantly at the station and the pump is connected and gasoline is being pumped into it. That’s exactly how you’d need to look at this.

What fuels the rain? What makes clouds? What makes clouds condense and fall as rain? There are meteorological answers for this. We’re back to sea surface temperatures. They happen to be two degrees above normal. That means the heat above the water is above normal. And what does heat do? It rises.

You couple that with a low-pressure area that is the hurricane sucking even more of that heat up than nature would normally take it via evaporation, and it just sucks it up and sucks it up and sucks it up and sucks up some water from the Gulf as it evaporates. And eventually the cloud tops condense, and that’s how you get rain, which is distilled water.

Seawater as rain is perfectly drinkable. It’s essentially distilled, for all intents and purposes. And that’s why this is happening. It doesn’t have anything to do with man-made climate change that anybody can prove or establish. It has to do with specific meteorological circumstances. A large tropical cyclone, which is what official weather people call a hurricane, they call it a cyclone. And it’s circulating. And as it circulates, it’s sucking moisture off of the Gulf of Mexico over a large area, and it has stalled.

So while it continues its circulation, it continues to suck moisture from both the waters of the Gulf and the air just above it, all of that rises, gets to altitudes where clouds are formed, the clouds become heavy, the condensation becomes rain, rainfall then is concentrated in the one spot the hurricane is because it isn’t moving. If the hurricane were moving at five miles an hour or 10 miles an hour, we would not be setting rainfall records.

Now, the amount of water on earth, in earth, in the air, is constant. It just changes its location, its formation. Water exists as water vapor. It exists as seawater. It exists as rivers. It exists as tap water. But the amount of water on our planet is constant. We don’t make new water; we don’t lose water. We lose water in certain places; we have droughts. There are meteorological reasons for this that people can’t explain. We can’t predict it. We are just victims of it. It’s Mother Nature, and we have no control over Mother Nature, and we never have had, as this is clearly indicating.

The danger here is that there’s no end in sight for it for the next two to three days. The rain continues, the hurricane is basically stationary before it is forecast to move. But that’s not ’til Wednesday or Thursday, when it’s supposed to move out of the area, and then those two reservoirs which are beginning to tip over now. Records are broken with meteorological data. It happens through a random combination of circumstances. And this stuff happens with or without climate change.

Don’t forget, we just recently passed the record rainfall, so there was a point in time in the past in the southeastern Texas area where this amount of rain had fallen. We had a hurricane in 1900 in Galveston that killed 6,000 to 12,000 people. This is only the second hurricane in 12 years, major hurricane, to hit land in the U.S. So these are random circumstances, and it’s unpredictable. And these are just the kind of things that happen, you have to deal with.

It doesn’t help anybody, it doesn’t comfort anybody, it doesn’t make anybody more understanding and thus feel better about it. But it does help to know how these things happen and why. That there are reasons for all of this. There are scientific, meteorological reasons that do not require a belief in myth, do not require any particular political orientation. But since everything is being politicized in America today, I see it as a requirement to rebut as much of that as possible in an effort to preserve common sense, situational awareness, and reason.

Let me take a brief time-out, my friends, as we move on. The Trump hate is mounting. The Trump hate over Joe Arpaio. The media is now simply lying about things that Trump is saying. They’re not simply; they have been for a while, even ratcheting all of that up. So, while this disaster is occurring 24/7 on TV, the left has not slacked off whatsoever in their effort to destroy Donald Trump and his presidency. Now to the people in southeastern Texas, I doubt that matters very much right now. But it is happening, and it is ongoing.


RUSH: Air Force One just landed at Corpus Christi a couple of minutes ago. It taxied in. They’re waiting to roll the stairs up, and for the people to get off the plane. Corpus Christi was close to the original site of landfall for Hurricane Harvey. But as you know, it has tracked east, and most of the rain bands have been far away. It’s a sunny and bright day in Corpus Christi, sufficiently weather-wise for Air Force One to land.

RUSH: Well, everybody’s off Air Force One now, and, just for the record, Melania Trump deplaned wearing tennis shoes. She was not wearing the five-inch stilettos that she wore while boarding Air Force One. I can’t believe this fashion stuff is relevant anyway, but the U.K. Daily Mail made a big deal out of her footwear. The governor of Texas showed up wheeling himself around on his wheelchair. Ben Carson got off the plane, Tom Price, secretary of Health and Human Services, Carson HUD, Housing and Urban Development.

There was a woman that got off the plane with Carson and I’m looking, “No! No! It can’t be.” And it wasn’t. I thought it was Hillary. And I thought, “What in the world would she be doing there?” and it wasn’t. But it was somebody wearing a blue windbreaker that, at first glance, had bobbed blonde hair, I said, “No. No, no! It can’t.” And it wasn’t.

I don’t know who it was. I couldn’t tell if she wore a pantsuit or not. I only saw the windbreaker and above. It was a blue windbreaker with an icon, logo on it, SVP, Disaster Services Extraordinaire, whatever it said, I just got a glimpse at it. I’m probably gonna be embarrassed when I find out or when somebody tells me who it was or who it is, but I don’t mean to be insulting anybody here. It just looked like Hillary Clinton at first glance. And I said, “It can’t be.”

By the way, I said, ladies and gentlemen, there are meteorological reasons that explain (that means scientific reasons) that explain this weather anomaly in Houston. However, a University of Tampa professor, a person who teaches young skulls full of mush, suggested that you in Texas deserve this. You deserve this disaster. You deserve the flooding because of your support for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

The professor’s name is Ken Storey. He wrote, “I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them.” I’m telling you, folks, the left is unhinged and deranged. And I’m telling you more and more of these people have literally, I mean literally lost their minds. They have been so self-poisoned with hatred that there is no recovery for these people possible. And they happen to be running things.

These are the people that are demanding now that hate speech be prohibited. And when hate speech happens, these are the people telling themselves and everybody that violence is perfectly fine to deal with it. And they get to define hate speech. And hate speech is any speech that they disagree with. That’s how hate speech is defined by people on the left, and this is an outgrowth of it. That kind of hate gives us this. “I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them.”

One of Storey’s followers responded. This was a tweet that this guy, this professor put out, and one of his followers on Twitter responded by noting, “There are lots of good people in Texas. You may want to rethink this one.” Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute. Good people in Texas? Isn’t that the kind of moral equivalency that got Trump in trouble in the first place after Charlottesville?

It’s no longer acceptable to say that there are good people on both sides. If the left decides that you’re not good, you’re not good, period. There is no equivocation, and anybody that comes along and says there is good is gonna be tarred and feathered as participating in hate speech as well.

So this follower of this idiot professor who says that Texans deserve the hurricane because they supported Trump and now they’re gonna learn how the GOP really doesn’t care about ’em, his follower says, “You know what? There’s a lot of good people there. You might want to rethink it.”

And so the professor says, “Well, the good people there need to do more to stop the evil their state pushes. I’m only blaming those who support the GOP there,” said the professor. “Yeah, those who voted for Trump deserve it as well,” Storey answered. He later deleted the Twitter account but a screenshot of his account confirms that he teaches sociology.

It was Linda McMahon? That was Linda McMahon. Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Well, I don’t want to tell you why I didn’t think it was Linda McMahon. Small Business Administration SBA. That’s what her windbreaker said? Well. Okay, fine, it’s Linda McMahon. That’s the last person I — and I don’t mean to insult Ms. McMahon by saying that she reminded me of Hillary. It was the hair and the color, and I’m so used to seeing Hillary get down the stairs of airplanes, you know, avoiding sniper fire in Bosnia and with her husband.

Look, folks, this professor in Tampa, this is a microcosm, but it confirms what we have been saying for months. The left doesn’t just hate Trump; they hate anybody who supports Trump. And this guy, whatever he is, he’s not teaching sociology. He’s teaching pathology.

I mean, can you imagine if there were a disaster like this in a predominantly Democrat state, and somebody at Fox News said, “You know what? They deserve it. They deserve it for voting Obama.” Can you imagine what would happen to that person? End of career right there.

And this guy, his follower, “You might want to rethink that. There’s some good people in Texas.” And he acknowledges, “Oh, yeah, there’s some good people in Texas, but not the ones that voted for Trump. Not the Republicans there.” NBC has spent more time slamming Trump than reporting his assurances for Texas that he has made during public comments.


RUSH: The Houston mayor vows to personally defend illegal immigrants seeking aid after Harvey. No surprise there.


RUSH: Mike in Brooksville, Florida. I’m glad you waited. I really appreciate it. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great. Mega dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to thank you for being on the front lines every day, bringing honesty and truth. You’re a patriot.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I wanted to bring… I think it was yesterday you mentioned the catastrophe of Galveston, talking about the global warming ruse that the left is pushing and has been pushing for years. Right second to that was the Okeechobee hurricane, 1928, September 6th. Back then it’s said it killed 3400 people. That’s in 1928. How many millions of vehicles do we not have on the road back then?

RUSH: Well, that raises another question: How much concrete had not been poured and how many streets had not been built? In other words, how much more soil was there to soak up torrential rains as opposed to what Houston is now. This is not a rant against development; don’t misunderstand. Folks, we change the environment. We adapt. There are many places in this country that if, without rerouting rivers and without air-conditioning, human life doesn’t make any sense. It’s habitable, but you wouldn’t do it.

And one of those areas happens to be southern California. If it weren’t for the Colorado River and the aquifers in the northern part of the state and the runoff of the Sierra Mountain Range, nobody in their right mind would build cities in southern California. It’s a desert. But we did. We adapt. Same thing in Houston, because we have the ability to do. But back in the 1900 hurricane in Galveston, between 6,000 and 12,000 people died. Now, also we didn’t have EMS back then like we have today. We didn’t have medical services, hospitals. So comparing eras is a risky thing. But it still is a good point, this point of comparison that could be made. I appreciate the call, Mike.


RUSH: Here’s the president. Grab sound bite 23. Trump in Corpus Christi at Fire Station 5 during a briefing about the rescue and recovery effort.

THE PRESIDENT: It’s a real team, and we want to do it better than ever before. We want to be looked at in five years, in ten years from now as, this is the way to do it. This was of epic proportion. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this. (fire alert tone starts blaring over loudspeaker) And I just want to say that working with the governor and his entire team has been an honor for us. (alert tone stops) So, governor, again, thank you very much. And, we won’t say congratulations. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to congratulate. We’ll congratulate (crosstalk) each other when it’s all finished.

RUSH: So he said everybody’s doing a heck after job, but it’s a real team, they want to do it better than ever before, five years from now, 10 years from now we want to look back and say the way Trump did it is the way to do it from now on. Well, you know how that’s gonna be received. These people are losing their minds right in front of our faces, folks. The media is losing their minds right in front of our faces.


RUSH: Yeah, grab sound bite number 4. No! No, grab number 5. I will never forget this. This is Peter Jennings. I had an ongoing back-and-forth battle with Peter Jennings, who was the anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight. Peter Jennings even came by when we were located in New York City. Peter came by one day. He just to find out who this guy is. Me! So he came by on the pretext of being interviewed by somebody else in the station and he stopped in.

When his entourage showed up… He was the ABC World News tonight anchor, for those of you who don’t know, and he passed away from lung cancer shortly after 9/11. And he had been the anchor of World News Tonight for years. Before that, he was the foreign correspondent. He had the trench coat down pat. I mean, he was the prototype foreign correspondent/news anchor. And he was as liberal and social issue conscious, social justice warrior as anybody in the news business has ever been.

One day his entourage came by when he was interviewed at WABC, and his guy walks in and says, “He’s here!” Of course, I had not seen him come in. I said, “Who? Who? Who is here?” It was like everybody must have known that Peter Jennings was coming. But I didn’t know. So this guy walks in… His Keith Schiller. You know Trump’s Keith Schiller? It was Peter Jennings’ Keith Schiller. “He’s here!” “Who?” “Jennings! Peter Jennings!” “Oh, really? Cool!” So he came in and we had a nice chat.

I was very complimentary, and he was somewhat taken aback by it. He acted extremely humble and almost embarrassed. It was kind of cute. But he’s the guy that after the Republicans won the House in the 1994 election, said that the American people had had “a temper tantrum” and what they did really didn’t make any sense. They were just a bunch of children. And then, after 9/11, ABC News coverage of the immediate days after, he said this about President George W. Bush…

JENNINGS: The president and his response to this is also part of the psychological package because the country looks to the president on occasions like this to be reassuring to the nation. Some presidents do it well, and some presidents don’t.

RUSH: Everybody knew he was talking about Clinton doing it well and Bush — this dumb, deranged, hick cowboy — being incapable of it. Okay? So now we move to Todd Gillman, who is the Washington bureau chief of the Dallas Morning News on CNN this morning.

GILLMAN: (out of breath) This is something that we expect our presidents to do, to be a consoler-in-chief in times of crisis. It’s not something we’ve seen a lot from Donald Trump. But it is part of the job description. I think back to a number of other hurricanes that I’ve covered over the years. I’ve seen, uh, former presidents do this. Some are better at it than others. It will be interesting to see just how warm and how consoling Trump is. I remember being in Galveston after Hurricane Ike and seeing, uh, President Bush 43 holding hands with the mayor and hugging her, and it was very warm and genuine. Hard to imagine Donald Trump doing that kind of gesture.

RUSH: Whoa! Whoa! George W. Bush was good at it! Unlike what Peter Jennings said, George W. Bush was good at it? Warm, genuine, hugging — hard to imagine Trump doing that. These people can’t… When they see Trump walking up to somebody to want to hug ’em, they think the person would run away because they think all they’ll see is the Trump of the NBC grab-the-whatever video.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the reaction to President Trump — I was watching him — we just played the audio sound bite of his appearance down in Corpus Christi. And, of course, it’s automatic that anybody watching in the media or any of the leftists out there literally hate this guy, and they have talked themselves into — maybe they haven’t talked. They just do. They hate everything about the guy. They hate the way he dresses, they hate his hat, they hate the way he talks, they literally hate it.

I mean, it’s not that they dislike it or are irritated. They literally hate it. I think that tells us much more about them than it does about Trump. The reasons that Trump is hated are numerous and I’ve been through them. He is so against hype. He is just the exact opposite of what these people expect a leader of the country to be, because they expect the leader of the country to come from their pool, from their bailiwick, somebody like them. Somebody who’s liberal, somebody who’s all of that. Somebody who speaks in the proper coded ways. Somebody who has got all the proper sensitivities, and this guy is not.

Donald Trump, compared to these people, is just a regular guy. And I think what we’re seeing here in this hatred for Trump — I mean, there’s a lot that embodies the hate, I mean, the fact that he won. The fact that he outsmarted them. The fact that he made a fool out of Hillary Clinton, all these things, but how he did it is just what’s driven them nuts! Donald Trump is an average, ordinary guy, he’s a real guy. Men, people all over this country recognize Donald Trump as one of them, as a real guy.

It’s the people inside the Washington establishment who, to us, are the phonies and who are the ones who affectate things and try to act smarter than they are and act aloof and act above us and act as though they’re our betters. Trump doesn’t do any of that. He doesn’t kowtow to them, so their hatred is just constantly amplified and magnified, and it geometrically progresses. I really think these people are on the verge of losing a degree of their sanity, because, in their world, they should have destroyed him by now. In their world, they should have taken Trump out.

In their world, he shouldn’t have been elected. In their world, he should have been out after his opening statement. And then in their world he should have been out after what he said about McCain. And then in their world he should have been out after the NBC Access Hollywood video, and then after he mistreated Hillary during the debates, that’s the latest.

The fact that he doesn’t just survive these things, that he triumphs. And then he should have been gone because of the Russia investigation. All of that the innuendo, all of that stuff in the news should have destroyed him, it should have made him want to quit. They have fired everything they’ve got, and he still shows up every day and then has the audacity to point fingers of blame at them and tell them exactly who they are — i.e., fake news. And it’s just driving them crazy.

And I think the same thing happened at his little appearance today at the fire station in Corpus Christi. The fact that he’s sitting there with all these public responders, first responders, that he’s sitting there and talking and they think it’s an idiot speaking, and they can’t relate in any way. And they’re filled with this constant, boiling resentment. And it’s just worsening.


RUSH: By the way, this didn’t take long. The University of Tampa has fired the visiting professor who suggested that Hurricane Harvey’s destruction of Texas was an okay good thing to get even with Republicans there who voted for Trump. The guy’s gone.


RUSH: Here is Joyce in Pittsburgh. I’m glad you called. It’s great to hear from you. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Fine. Thanks much.

CALLER: Great. Steel city dittos to you. Okay, one thing I wanted to say, no matter what Trump would have done, not gone, gone, flown over, bused himself in to the hurricane, the left would not be happy. I mean, how they treated President Bush when he flew over and was looking out the window, he was annihilated. So they don’t want him to go, they do want him to go, whatever he does is going to be wrong no matter what it is. And I wholeheartedly support the president without exception. But he’s gotta get rid of these folks that are countering him and working with the deep state inside the White House, that’s just gotta stop. He’s got so many loyal supporters out there that basically have no use for Congress, for the Senate, let alone Mr. McCain.

RUSH: What do you make of Trump’s approval numbers? There’s two stories today that are in great conflict. Consumer confidence, consumer economic confidence, even with the hurricane, is through the roof. It’s at a highest level since 2010. It’s a Bloomberg story. How do you jive that with Trump’s approval numbers, which are not good?

CALLER: Why should I trust any approval numbers on the president, they couldn’t get the election polls right. I mean, why would I believe that?

RUSH: Well, one reason why you might is because the media has done nothing but smear and libel and slander for almost a year now, and it has to have some impact on the people that are polled. My overriding point is, that I was gonna tell you, I think the people who are critical and yapping, I still think they’re in the minority. I don’t think that Antifa represents a majority of America.


RUSH: I don’t think the Southern Poverty Law Center is anywhere close to representing a majority of America. The left isn’t the majority of this country. But yet the media makes it look like they are. I would say Trump just needs to keep doing what he’s doing as he is and try to ignore all of this stuff. But like you say, when his advisers and the members of his staff inside the White House are gonna stand up and distance themselves from him, can’t have that.

CALLER: Well, he needs to get rid of them. But in the meantime, he needs to keep on doing what he’s doing and do what got him elected. Keep going out to the states, doing his rallies, getting with the people, because those are the folks that are loyal and will continue to support him. It’s gonna be that support that’s gonna carry him through.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: If for just two months, three months, either in the future or if it had happened in the past, if Republicans in Washington had worked with Trump on immigration, the wall, if they had worked with him on tax cuts, just those two, can you imagine the difference if we actually had some legislative accomplishment and movement on cutting the corporate tax rate, the middle class tax rate. If we had had tax reform, serious tax reform, and if there had been steady — on just the simple immigration bill that was announced a couple weeks ago. The Republicans are the bottleneck here. The Democrats expected to oppose, but can you imagine what it would be if there had just been a month or two of cooperation?

CALLER: Can you imagine what’s going to happen in the midterms when the quiet majority, the Tea Party folks, the ones that are supporting the president come out just like they did in 2010, I still think that’s going to happen and I still think there’s an overwhelming amount of support for this president and his agenda.

RUSH: Let me tell you something, if that happens, if what you’re describing, if the Republicans take a beating in the midterms, let me tell you, the Republican Party hangs in the balance. I mean, if what you say, if they take that big a druming, then Trump’s gonna have ask himself a question. Does he remain a Republican or does it become the Trump party or whatever they call it. These are dicey times here, folks. Thanks for the call.

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