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RUSH: By the way, you want to hear something funny? Dr. Roy Spencer. He’s the chief climatologist at University of Alabama in Huntsville. And I have referred to him off and on as our “official climatologist” because he is one of the accredited sources I seek and cite. And so the media, constantly focused on this program looking for any evidence that we might get something wrong, has decided to investigate Dr. Spencer! And not for the first time.

So there were a bunch of media hits on the way I have been covering the story of Hurricane Harvey, and they list Dr. Spencer as “artificial” climatologist, instead of official climatologist. Now I’m saying, how did this happen? I consulted Dr. Spencer, and Dr. Spencer is very gracious, and he thinks that it was just autocorrect and the media screwed up. But there’s no way I’ve ever called him our artificial climatologist. Dr. Spencer would be typical of those who’d be targeted.

Anyway, the people he works with saw this and they went to him, “What is this, Dr. Spencer? There’s nothing “artificial” about you. Why are these people saying this about you?” So he had to explain. He’s added this to his blog now. The only thing you can do is laugh at this kind of stuff. Artificial climatologist, that’s what they thought they heard me say instead of official.


By the way, folks, I just got a note from our “artificial” climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer. (laughing) He’s our official climatologist, and the media has been — of course, they follow this show, looking for ways to pick it apart. So whenever I cite a scientific authority here, they immediately attempt to find out who this scientific authority is and see if they can do any damage. And, as such, they have come up with the name artificial climatologist.

I talked to Dr. Spencer about it, and he thinks it’s not done on purpose. He thinks it’s an auto correct error that has gotten cemented in the Drive-By Media’s templates. Whatever. The point is that Dr. Spencer here has written a book, it’s an e-book. He whipped it up in two weeks. He’s already had to issue the second edition to fix some typos several days ago. He’s added some new information. It’s called An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy.

This little e-book that he just whipped up in two weeks’ time is running number one in three different categories. In contrast, Gore’s book is not doing well. The movie of Gore’s book, An Inconvenient Sequel, has bombed at the box office. Gore’s book is number 23,800 on Kindle, and Dr. Spencer’s book is number one in three different categories.

And course everybody’s wondering, where is Gore on Hurricane Harvey? I mean, wouldn’t this be made to order for Algore? He could get on any TV network he wanted and he could proselytize and propagandize however he wanted. I mean, if there’s ever been an opportunity for Algore and the global warming hoaxers to come forward and say “See? What we’ve been telling you.” Where are they? They’ll show up, folks. Do not think they’re hiding. They will pick their moment.

Now Spencer’s title, An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy. Just look for it on Amazon or Whole Foods. Didn’t Amazon buy Whole Foods? Oh, speaking of that, have you heard what Amazon — (interruption) Whole Foods. What’s the nickname for Whole Foods? Whole Paycheck? Well, Amazon’s going in there and they are just slashing prices.

I think Bezos wants to own everything. He owns books, he owns retail, and he’s gonna own food. When you own food, you own it all, because that’s not an optional purchase. People have to eat, except Hollywood starlets. Outside of them, everybody has to eat. And going in there lowering prices at Whole Foods, ho-ho-ho-ho, what a brilliant PR move.

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