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RUSH: Hey, trivia question. I learned this last night. What are the only two animals that kill for sport? In other words, they don’t kill to eat. They’re not killing to survive. They kill for sport. There are only two animals according to… (interruption) It’s the house cat and leopards. The only two animals that kill for sport. I saw it last night. I had to rescue a little gecko. My cat, Allie, was going nuts on the coffee table in front of me and I thought it was just ’cause she missed me ’cause I was gone for a week.

I finally saw it. My attention had been distracted, and I looked, and there’s this little baby gecko running around, and she’s just toying with it. So I ran in there and I grabbed a piece of toilet tissue and I rescued the gecko and I took the thing outside and dropped it on the ground — ’cause, you know, they’re our buddies. You know, they eat insects. I came back in and Allie was still looking for it. (laughing)

She didn’t have the sense to know that I had stolen it right out from under her eyes.


RUSH: Okay. Here it comes. I got a friend in Wyoming who flashed me a message, “That’s not true! We got wolves out here that kill for sport.” Okay. Well, I saw it on TV. I saw it on TV: It has to be true. I saw it on Adam Baldwin’s show, The Last Ship. It has to be true, because I saw it on TV.

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