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RUSH: This happened at the rally in Phoenix last week when I was out. There are three sound bites here that I want to get to. Two of them I mentioned yesterday. This is a montage of the Drive-By Media losing their minds after Trump’s rally in Phoenix last week.

JAKE TAPPER: Unhinged Donald Trump, untethered to the truth.

DON LEMON: He’s unhinged, it’s embarrassing.

DAVID CHALIAN: That was a president totally unhinged.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: A man who so clearly unbalanced and unfit.

KEITH BOYKIN: This is an unhinged, unstable man.

PATTI SOLIS DOYLE: We have seen Donald Trump unhinged.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Wild, unhinged.

BAKARI SELLERS: I think that the President is unfit and is unhinged.

MARIA CARDONA: He’s not just completely unfit, he might be psychotically demented and ill of the mind.

RICK WILSON: This guy is absolutely bat crap crazy.

ANA NAVARRO: The only defensible explanation is if he is not mentally well.

JORGE RAMOS: People saying that he’s unfit to be president.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: People can charge Trump with being unhinged.

RON REAGAN: This man is simply unfit for office. Emotionally, mentally.

LLOYD DOGGETT: He is dangerous and truly unfit to be president.

JOHN GARAMENDI: This man is clearly not fit to be president.

PAUL BEGALA: The president was unhinged. He is unstable.

JAMES CLAPPER: I really question his ability, his fitness to be in this office and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation. Maybe he is looking for a way out.

RUSH: So, once again in this montage — I mean, you know the names, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, David Chalian, Joe Scarborough, Keith Boykin, Patti Solis Doyle, Nicolle Wallace, Bakari Sellers, Maria Cardona, Rick Wilson, Ana Navarro, Jorge Ramos, Chris Matthews, Ron Reagan, Lloyd Doggett, John Garamendi, Paul Begala, James Clapper. Notice they all, 90% of them used “unhinged, unfit.” Do they hear themselves? Do they not realize there’s not a speck of originality in any of them in what they’re saying.

I saw the Trump rally. I watched it with my golf buddies. We’re cheering it! Every other line we’re going, “Yeah, right on, Trump!” We knew when he came off teleprompter. We knew the 30 minutes I saw when he came off prompter and started attacking CNN. We all knew what was gonna happen after that. That’s all it took. That’s what these people were going bonkers over is that Trump deviated from the telepromptered speech and launched into CNN and explained how they have been lying about him and what he had said after Charlottesville.

He just launched on ’em, and he said to them and to their face exactly who and what they are and how they’ve been behaving, and you just don’t do that. Not in the establishment, like Mitt Romney, like George W. Bush, you just sit there and take it, it’s the game, it’s the rules. You’re Republican in the establishment, you’re gonna get savaged, you sit there and take it like a good little Republican should.

Trump doesn’t take it. If anybody is unhinged right now it is the Democrat Party, it’s the American media and all of these people that play like they’re strategists on television. James Clapper was director of national security for Obama. James Clapper, over the months here since Trump was elected and then inaugurated, has been part of the cabal of people who have attempted to equate Trump and the Russians in collusion.

Now, Clapper has been generic about it, and when asked specifically under oath in congressional testimony if he saw any evidence of the Russians tampering with the votes, he joined the chorus and said “no.” But outside of that he has done everything he can along with John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director and Comey to further the aura, the illusion that Trump and Russia colluded. He was loyal to Obama, and this was the guy that thinks the Iranians were totally trustworthy and that the only problem that we face in America is from right-wing terrorism, right-wing domestic terrorism.

He’s part of the cabal that when the fake Trump dossier was entered into the mix — that was really entered by John Brennan of the CIA, but Clapper would have been made party to it as the national director of intelligence. CNN’s hired the guy. CNN’s hired this guy, a former Obamaite as a commentator and as an intelligence analyst. And he was on the panel post-Trump rally. We have two sound bites. This is number one.

CLAPPER: Yes, I do. I really question his ability, his fitness to be in this office, and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it. Maybe he is looking for a way out. I do wonder as well about the people attracted to this rally, as others. You know, what are they thinking? Or why am I so far off base? ‘Cause I don’t understand the adulation.

RUSH: So it wasn’t just Trump that’s nuts, it’s you people in Phoenix and anywhere else who have attended a Trump rally. Because this highly sophisticated Director of National Intelligence simply doesn’t understand the adulation. Yet Barack Hussein Obama can go to Minneapolis in the campaign of 2008 and he can say, “This is the night that the seas began to recede and the world began to heal.” And the audience erupts and they start crying, and they start singing songs of devotion to Obama. And we have little kids being required in the first and second grade to sing, “I love Obama, Obama’s my guy, Obama is the president.” And nobody has a problem with any of that.

Nobody has a problem with a president of the United States claiming that his victory represents the beginning of the end of climate change, because now the sea levels are going to recede and the planet is going to heal. And yet all Trump did was talk about advanced economic standards, standard of living, “Make America Great Again,” condemn the media, point out they’re lying, and this guy has a cow.

“I am very, very worried, the people that would show up, that adulation. I really think maybe he’s just looking for a way out.” And then gotta get to this one. A question he was asked. “You said you questioned Trump’s fitness. Is President Trump a threat to national security, Director Clapper?”

CLAPPER: Well, he certainly could be. Again, um, having some understanding of the levers that a president can exercise, um, I worry about, frankly, uh, you know, the access to the nuclear codes.

RUSH: Access to the nuclear codes! He’s worried about Trump — meanwhile, he worked for a guy who saw to it that the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world was enabled to get nuclear weapons!


RUSH: Hey, I’m sorry to be screechy here, folks, but this is just outrageous. This presumptuous ass, James Clapper (imitating Clapper), “I’m very worried about this man, his fitness for office. And I really don’t understand the people that would show up for a rally like this. It’s very, very concerting, and then the really problematic thing that worries me is that this man has the nuclear codes.”

Give me a break. You worked for a guy that was hell-bent on pandering to the enemies of the United States, enabling the Iranians, of all people, to ramp up their nuclear weapons arsenal on the basis that we don’t have the right to tell any nation what they can and can’t do. So you don’t even subscribe to the idea, Mr. Clapper, that the United States has any presumptive moral authority based on our decency and goodness and our beacon-of-light existence for liberty and freedom. We’re just one of the scrum of nations out there.

That’s what’s been wrong. We’ve been led by a bunch of people that don’t think there’s anything special about America, who don’t think there’s anything exceptional about America, who believe that what needs to happen is that America needs to be cut down to size! And too many of those people have positions of authority at universities, not just on the faculty, but in the presidency. Too many of these people work in the Drive-By Media.

We are surrounded by people who, for whatever reason, think the United States is the problem in the world. We elect somebody who believes in the United States and wants to make it great again and these people start having conniption fits and start questioning his fitness for office? You’ve got it ass backwards, Director Clapper.


RUSH: So this university sociology professor Kenneth Storey tweeted — he’s a visiting assistant professor, which basically mean he empties the commodes and takes out the garbage and grades the tests at the University of Tampa. He said that Texas deserved this storm as karma for voting for Trump. It was one of the first things that we mentioned on the big program today, which was basically two and a half hours ago, and the guy has been let go.

“University spokesman Eric Cardenas said in a statement Tuesday that Storey was fired after the school weathered an outpouring of online outrage over the comments,” by the visiting sociology professor Kenneth L. Storey, is his name. Make sure you make a note of that. Kenneth L. Storey, S-t-o-r-e-y. Karma, he said. Texas, Houston deserved to be hit by this natural disaster because they voted for Trump.

“The Tampa Bay Times reports Storey issued an apology on Monday, writing that he ‘never meant to wish ill will.'” Oh, of course, and it wasn’t him. It wasn’t me. You know how these apologies go. “That wasn’t me. I’m terribly sorry if anybody was offended. That’s not who I am. That’s just not what I do.” Well, except it is who you are, and it is what you did.

“In a Facebook post on Monday evening, the university said it ‘stands in solidarity with the people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.’ Officials said another sociology professor will take over Storey’s classes,” that are being currently taught by Kenneth L. Storey, S-t-o-r-e-y.

And here’s something I’ll bet you don’t know that happened, because it happened on CNN. It happened on CNN today. It happened on CNN’s program called New Day. The Democrat governor of Louisiana happened to be on the program. His name is John Bel Edwards. And he said that President Trump and the federal government response to the impact of Hurricane Harvey on his state has been excellent.

Edwards said, “Well, first of all, let me tell you the federal government has been excellent. The president’s called twice. He signed the declaration we requested within a few hours of our making the request on Sunday evening. Acting secretary of Homeland Security Duke has been wonderful and the FEMA administrator Brock has been great as well.” He said, “What we need right now is really Mother Nature to cooperate more than anything else. We believe we’re positioned well.”

I don’t think you’re gonna see that reported. I don’t think in whatever news that CNN shares today they probably will not reair that interview with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.


RUSH: Yeah, Matt in Wichita, you’re next. I have about a little over a minute, but I wanted to get you on. How are you doing?

CALLER: Pretty good. Thank you. Pleasure to talk with you.

RUSH: Same here.

CALLER: I’m calling from one of those Android phones, so if I’m being hacked we may be listened upon right now, so… (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) You’re fine. You’re cool.

CALLER: So I was calling about, you know, Trump… You touched on that just a moment ago about Trump maybe not running as a Republican. So what are his options? Because if he runs as an independent and he takes seats in the Congress and the Senate away from traditional establishment Republicans, if you were to encourage other people to run against them, how does he gain any more support than he has now, which is very little inside his own party?

RUSH: Well, that’s the thing. That’s the ultimate question. There isn’t enough time — if he does form, for example, say form a new independent party or whatever — to get members of Congress elected in that party in sufficient numbers to help him. That’s all true. But something’s gonna have to give. If the Republican Party essentially joins with the Democrats to stop a Republican president, what does that do to the Republican Party? That’s what these people are not thinking about, or maybe they are. I don’t know. We should tackle that in greater detail tomorrow. Send me a note; remind me.

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