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RUSH: I just came across something. Snerdley directed it to me attention. Remember this is Affinity magazine. We talked about it on Monday. Affinity magazine had a junior high school… A student, not teacher. A junior high school student — a woman, young girl — wrote a piece telling white families who adopt black kids (summarized), “It doesn’t count for anything. Don’t expect any big-time credit for! You’re nothing but a bunch of phony baloneys! H-h-having mixed-race kids? That ain’t cool, and you don’t get to count yourselves as one of us,” something like that. Well, Affinity magazine… Snerdley just sent me this:

Why the Term ‘Feminazi’ Should Never Be Used.”

Folks, I have to tell you something. You know, I invented this term way back in Sacramento. I used this term starting up in 1987, ’88. When my national program started in ’88, of course, I continued. On the national program, feminazis heard it, and they blew up. Well, I created the word, and this is a young woman who has just come across the word. She just heard it for the first time in one of her classes from a bunch of renegade guys sitting behind her, and she’s livid and outraged, and she doesn’t know where the term came from. She probably has not even heard of me, and it is just fascinating to read (laughing) something like this that you are responsible for that’s ruined somebody’s day, and they don’t even know how it all happened.


RUSH: “Why the Term ‘Feminazi’ Should Never Be Used” is written by some babe at Affinity.com. She has no clue. She thinks that it originated in a YouTube video that she’s all mad about. She has no idea that I, El Rushbo, invented the term, and so she doesn’t know what it’s about. “I remember sitting in my English class listening to the boys behind me talk about the election right after Trump was announced to be our next president. I sat biting my lip struggling to contain an outburst as I listened to them groan about liberals. I couldn’t take it anymore when one boy said, ‘Trump was elected! They need to just get over it!’

“As the words left his mouth I spun around and looked at the two boys and said, ‘We can’t get over it because he’s an [a-hole].’ They looked at me, stunned for a moment before one of them began to chuckle before saying, ‘Looks like we got a feminazi on our hands.’ Immediately rage built inside me. How is wanting gender equality anything like committing genocide? The answer is; it’s not. People have started calling feminists ‘feminazis’ in order to invalidate the movement…” No, it’s not why you’re called feminazis! It’s not complicated, and it has nothing to do with genocide.

You’re feminazis ’cause you’re intolerant.

You just swarm and swamp everybody and demand certain treatments and behaviors. There’s no leeway with any of you. Look it up! I invented it!

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