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RUSH: A couple of weeks ago, a U.S. District Judge in Illinois gave sanctuary cities a reprieve. You could even call it amnesty. The judge ruled that the Justice Department cannot withhold money from Chicago because Chicago said it’s a sanctuary city and the DOJ has to leave them alone.

Now, this judge is not gonna have the last word. This is on appeal. Meanwhile, whatever temporary sanctuary that sanctuary cities got from this stupid ruling was quickly overshadowed by ICE raids.

Yes, my friends, Operation Safe City targeted illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities all across the fruited plane: New York, L.A., Philadelphia, Denver, Washington and Baltimore. And they’re not done yet. Cook County, Illinois; Santa Clara County, California; Portland, Oregon; and the state of Massachusetts were also hit.

The four days of raids were very successful. ICE says 498 illegal aliens were picked up and over 300 of them had criminal convictions. Some had even been deported before and somehow magically found their way back.

Needless to say, liberals are screaming bloody murder, especially the libs who live in the targeted cities. Some are accusing ICE of picking up nonviolent offenders, as if that makes a difference.

The bottom line is this. ICE just sent a loud, clear unmistakable message to sanctuary cities. Despite what the liberals who run them say, illegal aliens will not get sanctuary in sanctuary cities. Unless maybe they decide to build a wall. Let’s pray for justice, equality, peace and sustainability and hope that it all works out.

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