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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Reality Bites

RUSH: Under Obama, leakers could simply ask for a government-paid sex-change operation, mount a left-wing public relations campaign and get out of federal prison with a pardon. Bradley Manning. But times have changed.

PC Triumphs! Cam Newton Apologizes

RUSH: It just illustrates that every knee will be bent to political correctness. You will bend the knee, and you will like it. You will bend the knee, and you will love it.

Trump Toys with Media: “The Calm Before the Storm”

RUSH: It's the most fun thing to watch when Trump starts tweaking these guys because they know it and they can't help it. They know he's tweaking 'em. They know he's putting 'em on, but they can't resist it.

Soros Behind NFL Protests

RUSH: Folks, do not ever doubt me. When this whole protest the anthem thing began, I told you that left-wing activist groups were behind it, that they were running the players on this.

Everybody Knew About Harvey

RUSH: Everybody apparently knew about Harvey Weinstein. Everybody that worked with him, everybody that took money from him, everybody that palled around with him all throughout Hollywood, everybody knew.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: No longer is this just gonna be a long list of stories that I might mention on the program. Now, you will get specifically the stories that I talk about on the program and a select list of a few others that I intended to get to but ran out of time. It's going to be more of a real-time base feature rather than just a generic list of places that I go to prep the show.

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