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RUSH: Folks, I had somebody remind me that, “Rush, you really don’t push your website enough.” It was done in the context that, “Ever since the Hannity show I’ve been listening to you closer than ever. You really make a lot of sense about a lot of things, and I can never remember it all. But it’s all there on your website, and you never tell people that.” And he’s right; I don’t. I’m having enough trouble getting all the news in here every three hours, much less talk about — but we do. Folks, I’m so proud of this website and the people that put it together. They work hard, and they work 24/7 keeping it up and current.

You know, we sell subscriptions. We’ve got the premium side of this, and it is awesome. It’s an encyclopedia. The RushLimbaugh.com website, Rush 24/7 is encyclopedic. It’s got all of the old Dittocam episodes, and you can stream the audio version if you want. Transcripts of practically everything said on this program are there and are searchable and printable and so forth.

Now, we never have subscription drives because you can subscribe whenever you want, but we do have varying different premiums that we offer for new subscriptions. We’ve got a brand-new Tervis Tumbler that is the best looking Tervis Tumbler that we’ve ever had, and you can see it — I don’t even want to try to try to describe it. I’m not gonna hold it up to the Dittocam here, because that will take some time.

Just go to the website and look at it. It’s free to subscribers, new subscribers to RushLimbaugh.com, and if you throw in a subscription to The Limbaugh Letter, there’s additional goodies there. Just visit RushLimbaugh.com and take a look at this tumbler, and they’re going out fast. We have a whole fulfillment warehouse operation. We don’t farm that out. We fulfill our own stuff, and it will get to you very, very quickly. That’s RushLimbaugh.com.


RUSH: Folks, I have to share something with you. I’m sitting here, I’m so frustrated over the things I’m not getting to. I mean, if it weren’t for this, there’s some literally fascinating stuff that’s happening out there that I’m dying to get in and talk about. And it’s just three hours isn’t enough to get there, in trying to be thorough with this.

There’s stuff happening in the NFL. Trump’s down in San Juan saying some incredible things. We haven’t gotten nearly to the sound bites the media’s reacting to in trying to link Trump to this event in any which number of ways. The national anthem controversy and revelations that the NFL now is fully aware of why they’re losing viewers and why attendance is down. And the factions of ownership that want to address it and want to ignore it.

Richard Sherman of the Seahawks has come out attacking the fans, claiming he doesn’t care and other players don’t care about your fantasy team. We don’t care about any of that. There’s all kinds of stuff. We haven’t even gotten to my Friday night appearance on Hannity to play and review that. And tomorrow’s already gonna be Wednesday. And I’ve used every amount of discipline I have to try to not dwell on one aspect of this for too long, to move on to something else and combine phone calls in it and so forth. It’s just the volume of stuff that’s happening, it’s impossible to keep up with it in a three hour program. What am I to do?

Well, I’ll put Sherman on the yesterday Stack, but the yesterday Stack is bigger, ’cause it’s two days, it’s gonna be three now. The yesterday Stack is bigger than any one-day Stack. See, if I didn’t tell you this, you wouldn’t even know it. The smart thing would have been not to tell you. I mean, if I were a deejay and never played a particular song, you would never really know it, ’cause you can’t be sure. But I’ve gone ahead and told you here I’m not playing a couple of hits, ’cause it frustrates me.

I mean, even if we did a fourth hour every day on the website, folks, it would not be enough to get all of this stuff in, I’m telling you. And if I only spent 20 minutes today on this and moved on to other things, “You don’t care, you don’t care about this. It’s a big deal.” That would be a false charge, but I would understand it.


RUSH: Folks, I’ve decided there’s only one way to do this. After the program tomorrow I’m gonna keep going on the internet. Subscribers at RushLimbaugh.com will be able to hear what we call the fourth hour. No commercials. I just keep going until I’m ready to quit. It’s the only reason I’m gonna be able to get this stuff in there.

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