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RUSH: There are three stories out there that are literally going to excite Trump’s base going into the weekend. Let me give you the headlines. Number one. “Trump to Announce He Will Decertify the Iranian Nuclear Deal.” This is the U.K. Independent. You know what’s interesting about that? All week long we have been hearing the opposite. We have been hearing that Trump is regretfully going to certify it a second time and that Trump really doesn’t want to but the generals and others in his administration are forcing him, influencing him to do it.

Folks, if you don’t instinctively reject everything you first hear in the media, you’re making a mistake. It now needs to become our default position. Whatever we first hear or see or read in reporting about Trump, if it’s in the Drive-Bys, doubt it, question it. I’m telling you, all week long I have been seeing “Trump to Recertify Iran Deal,” even though they’re breaking it, even though everybody knows Iran’s violating the terms of the deal. “There’s not much Trump can do. There’s not much we can do. We need to hang in and hope that we can manage it.” And then I get this story today, “Trump to Announce He Will Decertify the Iranian Nuclear Deal.”

Number two: “Trump Administration Set to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate.” That is rolling back an Obamacare birth control mandate. That is in the New York Times. That has the Democrats livid as well as Barack Hussein O. And then there’s this. “House Panel Approves $10 Billion for Border Wall.” That is in TheHill.com. Those are three great stories for the Trump base.

In detail here, “Donald Trump will reportedly decertify the Iran nuclear deal — a move that could throw another wrench into the U.S.’s diplomatic ties with other world powers.” So what? That has been the promise of the Trump presidency, that it would throw wrenches into U.S. diplomatic ties with other nations. That’s been the whole point of Trump. So this is good.

The New York Times: “The Trump administration is poised to roll back the federal requirement for employers to include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans, vastly expanding exemptions for those that cite moral or religious objections.” That is wonderful! Obama made that impossible. People who had moral or religious objections to including birth control coverage, which means abortion coverage, in company health care plans had to offer it or else. Trump is getting rid of it.

And the third story. “The House Homeland Security Committee approved Wednesday a border security bill that includes $10 billion for a border wall. The Border Security for America Act, proposed by committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas), was passed on a party-line 18-12 vote. The bill includes the $10 billion in border wall funding. … The legislation will head to the House floor amid debate over whether border security provisions should be attached.” Three super stories heading into the weekend for the Trump base.

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