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RUSH: Did you see what Trump said? He says he’d win an IQ test — contest with Tillerson. I’d win an IQ test with Tillerson. Who does this? (laughing) Who does this? (laughing) Now, the left, you should see Wolf Blitzer’s face. It is so stern! (impression) “This is unacceptable. This is trauma, this is traumatic, this is… We’re dealing with something really… We don’t understand!” (laughing) IQ test with Tillerson! (laughing) Why not Jeff Sessions? They’re mad at him too. They don’t have the ability to laugh at this. Now, you know what?

I’m sure plans are in the works to televise such a thing. Can you imagine a televised pay-per-view event with Trump and Tillerson in an IQ test? (laughing) I like it just for the impact it has on these stuffed shirt, phony, holier-than-thou people. They don’t understand why he’s ripping somebody his own cabinet. They don’t understand, period.


RUSH: (laughing) “Trump Offers to Compare IQ Tests with Rex Tillerson.” (laughing) Oh, my friends, I don’t know. It just… I’m sorry. I cannot get upset about it. (laughing) All I can do is laugh, and the laughter is so needed. And don’t forget, I know the Trumpster, and I know how he’s constantly challenging and bragging, and I know how much he loves having people like CNN and NBC and the New York Times running around trying to chase their tails.

I know how much he loves just playing with them, toying with them. So all of this I’m able to put in some kind of context.

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