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RUSH: Okay, get this headline from the Washington Post on Wednesday: “’He Threw a Fit’: Trump’s Anger Over Iran Deal Forced Aides to Scramble for a Compromise.”

Now, you’re supposed to picture President Trump as an out-of-control lunatic having tantrums over the Iran deal. His poor, beleaguered aides are so desperate to keep him calm they “scramble” to bring him back to some degree of sanity.

If you read the story, you’ll find the truth. President Trump has been standing alone against the Washington ruling class, and in some cases against the advice of his own aides, to follow through on his campaign promise to dismantle the stupid Iran deal.

You know, people forget. Obama and John Kerry bypassed Congress to make this deal with Iran and other world powers, all of whom benefited financially. It is a treaty. That means it should have been ratified by Congress, according to our Constitution. But games were played, by both parties, to subvert the Constitution. ‘Eh Senator Corker?

Bottom line: the deal allows Iran to become a nuclear power. They got billions of dollars from us delivered in cash during in the dead of night while the Washington establishment looked the other way.

Now that same establishment are putting up roadblocks in the president’s way, preventing him from unwinding this travesty that should never have been made in the first place.

So yeah, Donald Trump is livid, and he’s got every right to be. It would be a problem if he’d accepted it as is.

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