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RUSH: Let me show you this latest story. They admit that we have a roaring economy, right? They can’t hide it. The unemployment number’s at an all-time low.

Consumer sentiment, optimism in the economy is raging. It is not at an all-time high, but it’s on a big, big upswing, the economic news. We have more people in the labor force than we had the last eight years. We have economic growth happening at faster rates than it ever did under eight years of Obama. So, just as when Bill Clinton was president we got stories on how lying was good and lying saved people their hurt feelings. “Little white lie here, little white lie there?

“Why, that is really actually preferable to honesty sometimes.” We got story after story like this. Well, now that we’re in a booming economy, New York Times headline: “How a Healthy Economy Can Shorten Life Span.” The American economy will kill you, according to the New York Times. You have a greater chance of dying in a healthy economy because life spans shorten. You don’t need to read this. The headline says it all.

“The health of a nation’s economy and the health of its people are connected, but in some surprising ways. At times like these when the economy is strong and unemployment is low, research has found that death rates rise.” Remember when unemployment was skyrocketing under Obama? Remember what we were told? “This is the greatest news that we’ve ever had! People are rediscovering their families now with their free time.”

A new term was coined, “funemployment,” where you could finally go out, and (Pelosi said) write that poem you’ve always wanted to write, paint that painting you’ve always wanted to paint. You’re not locked into a job anymore. You can actually be as free as you’ve ever wanted, thanks to Obama’s unemployment statistics. So now we have a roaring economy. We have things happening economically in this country that we haven’t seen in years.

And, of course, it has to be bad. Don’t ever doubt me when I tell you there’s some entities in this country that will do whatever they can to empower leftists, including cut this country down to size, chop it down, cause great damage to happen to it. “How a Healthy Economy Can Shorten Life Span”? Really? Seriously, New York Times? Where did this idea come from?

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