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RUSH: Matthew in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Great to have you, Matthew. Welcome to the program. Oh, wait, he’s 12 years old. Matthew, welcome to our program. It’s great to have you, son.

CALLER: Nice to see you. I just want to congratulate you on all the accomplishments you made on your book series. I am now reading the last one. I barely have any time to read it. But I remember in sixth grade, I did two book reports about your books.

RUSH: You are congratulating me on the accomplishments? I can’t tell you how much that means to me, because the accomplishment is that people like you like these books. That’s the accomplishment.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to congratulate you on that.

RUSH: Well, that is so nice of you. You’re now reading the last one, did you say?

CALLER: Yes. [Rush Revere and] the Presidency.

RUSH: Matthew, we are getting a lot of comments lately from people like you, people your age telling us how much they love these books, and it’s exciting every time we hear it. I’m so gratified that you’re enjoying them and getting something out of it, and I’m so moved that you want to congratulate me on the accomplishment of it. That’s just incredible. I’ll tell you what. Can you hang on? We need to get an address for you because we’d like to send you a whole package of items from the Rush Revere team that will accompany the books that you have, if you would hang on. Don’t go away. This is… Well, I’m speechless.

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