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RUSH: Here is Carrie in Chesapeake, Virginia. Great to have you with us, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thanks for having me.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m concerned about the future of our children, and I certainly appreciate what I think is your concern, too, through your Rush Revere books, but I think we’re sending mixed messages to our children. We teach them in elementary school and middle school no bullying, no fighting, no violence, embrace everyone, tolerance, respect. But yet somehow when they get to college they’re encouraged to bully if it’s outside of an opinion or use violence by tearing up things and damaging property. I mean, I don’t think that there are Republicans or Democrats anymore. I think it’s progressives and conservatives. And if you’re a conservative and you have an opinion, you have groups like Antifa who get up in your face and threaten, and to me it’s such a mixed message. And I’m not going to pin it on Obama, but he did say that he wanted to fundamentally change this country.

RUSH: Why won’t you blame Obama? He is the guy that said get in their face. He’s the guy that said if they bring a knife to a fight we bring a gun. Why don’t you want to include him in it?

CALLER: Because I think it’s both sides. I think it’s Washington, DC in general. I think that there are buzzwords that are always used to stand up and resist and rise up. However, you can’t control people. You can’t control everyone. So if a rogue group goes and destroys something or harms somebody, then they all act astonished that it was a rogue person. However, it’s encouraged. I mean, we also tell our children anybody can be president of the United States. Well, that’s not true either. You can only be president if you play the right game.

I have two boys, both of them were bullied tremendously through middle school and one of them is still in high school. And I had to tell them: You can’t defend yourself. You can’t fight back. If you do, you’re suspended. But yet when they get to college, it’s a whole different game plan. And I think Pandora’s box has been opened with all of this.

I think once Pandora’s box is opened with all of this resist, disrespect, you can’t close it again. And I think what’s happening is this country has been changed. And it’s a wild, wild west, and if you oppose, you are crucified almost. I mean, what happens to the progressives when the younger people, for instance, don’t get their promises such as free this or free that, free college, and then they turn on the progressives? I mean, there has to be some sort of —

RUSH: Look, I wish I could respond to you right now, I can’t, because I’m literally out of time but I will talk about this when we get back. I appreciate the call. Thank you.


RUSH: The woman, our last caller. You know, she had a couple of good points. That there aren’t any Republicans or Democrats anymore. It’s just progressives versus conservatives with Washington being the establishment type where all the attacks generally on tradition and morality are coming from.

But her primary point was that we are sending confusing messages to our young people, that when they are young and in kindergarten, grade school, high school, middle school, whatever, that we teach them not to bully. Do not bully; it’s a bad thing. And yet when these same kids get to college they’re told that bullying and violence is called for if somebody says something you disagree with. That it’s okay to beat them up. And she said this is sending mixed signals, and we’re confusing people.

Now, I didn’t want to interrupt her. She was on a roll and our time was dwindling away. So I wanted her to be able to say as much as she could in the time that she had left. And she did a bang-up job not knowing how much time she had. We had a couple of callers today who have really exercised an innate talent for understanding broadcast timing constraints.

At any rate, if I had stopped to interject with her about the bullying, I would have said to her that the people you claim are bullying on college campus — Antifa, she mentioned, Black Lives Matter — they don’t think they’re bullying. In their mind they are defending, and they’re defending against evil. And therefore they are entitled to do anything. They can take whatever step necessary to stop evil. And that’s what they’ve been trained.

The mixed messages or the confused messages that we’re sending are indeed partisan. And they are indeed ideological. And people on the left believe that they’re entitled and that whatever they think and whatever they are is just what is. It’s natural and anything to the contrary is evil and must be destroyed, must be stamped out. They don’t look at it as bullying at all.

In fact, they would preach against bullying. They would say, for example, that the people they beat up are bullying them by disagreeing with them. And if you want to go even deeper, you might even suggest that this education with young people to not bully, don’t be mean, is to set them up to be walked all over later in their life.

And I wouldn’t put that past the forward and long-term thinking of leftist social planners in the least. Create a bunch of wusses, pansies who believe it’s not right to fight back or be defensive in any way and to set themselves up to be walked all over and be conditioned to be simply acquiescent. It may be a stretch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody were to learn that that’s in some manual somewhere.

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