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RUSH: So Obama is back on the campaign trail, stump speeching for Democrat candidates for whatever, which guarantees those candidates are going to lose, by the way. But he said something that typifies to me the divide that we have in the country. Obama is saying that instead of politics reflecting our values, politics is now intruding or corrupting or whatever our communities. There it is again, our communities, instead of politics reflecting our values. Now, the arrogance of that — let me tell you what Obama means by that. He means that when he was president and his administration was running the show, every bit of partisan politics they did was exactly what everybody wanted and it simply reflected the values of our culture. When it didn’t. This is why Trump is president and Hillary isn’t.

What Obama and the Democrats represented was not our values. They were attacking and trying to transform basic time-honored American traditions and institutions. And so now, when the Democrats are on the losing side of things, Obama comes out and says that politics is corrupting our communities. The corruption that’s gone on here is directly owned by the Democrat Party, the American left and the media. They are the agents of the corruption. And they’re corrupting everything they get their hands on.

But they arrogantly believe that what they think represents American values and, therefore, they are doing nothing more but representing American values, when they are not the majority of thinking in this country. They have to move in and corrupt and take over institutions and then be intolerant of any opposition. And they do this under the guise of reflecting popular values. Obama used that phrase time and time again: “This is not who we are. These are not our values.” He said that a lot during his administration, but I thought his administration was only reflecting American values. What a crock. But now politics is infecting our communities?

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