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RUSH: Last month after Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck You Schumer met with President Trump at the White House they were giddy. Supposedly, they had agreed to a deal to cover the so-called DREAMERS. Those are the children of illegal immigrants granted amnesty by President Obama with an unconstitutional executive action, which President Trump rescinded.

Well, the giddiness is gone. At an immigration rally in Los Angeles, Pelosi gave the thumbs-down to the new border enforcement policies Trump says must in the deal for him to sign it.

The Trump administration is demanding that more enforcement agents be hired to keep up with the rising level of deportations, and there has to be funding for the border wall.

Pelosi said Democrats would “never” accept those proposals. She told activists at the rally she and Chuck might be open to “some” new border security but that wouldn’t include the wall, or “increased reinforcement internally in our country.”

“It’s un-American, and we will fight that,” she said. So no additional agents to deport those staying here illegally.

Calling the enforcement of American immigration law somehow “un-American” is totally asinine. To believe it is insane. But that is where the Democrat Party finds itself these days — and for these people to think this is how they’re going to win back the House and the Senate is also insane.

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