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RUSH: There’s an election coming up this year in Virginia. Getting the most attention is the governor’s race in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe’s Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, had a big early lead, and was supposed to walk away with this. But his Republican challenger, Ed Gillespie, has surged in the polls, and even pulled ahead in a couple.

So the Democrats went racial. Not in the way you’d expect. And this time it might backfire.

Democrat Ralph Northam’s campaign sent out a huge direct-mail flyer, targeting union workers across the state. But the campaign airbrushed out the name and face of his running mate, guy named Justin Fairfax who happens to be a African-American. The democrats just erased this guy from the flyer.

Maybe they thought nobody would notice. They were wrong.

The drive-by media asked why the black guy was erased from the flyer. The campaign claimed that race had absolutely nothing to do with it. They said Northam’s black running mate was airbrushed out because he was a negative on an issue. He opposed a pipeline in northern Virginia and union workers want it.

The campaign expects everyone to buy this explanation. Hook, line, and sinker. Now maybe they’ll get away with this. They’re democrats, and the media loves them.  But imagine if a republican running for governor with a black running mate just erased him!

You think the media would let anybody get away with that? They’d be slamming that republican twenty-four-seven! You would know about it. You wouldn’t have to be hearing about it from me.

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