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RUSH: You know, something I’ve noticed about this NFL stuff. Again, we’ve had a weekend where in certain stadiums crowds were way down. Now, they were admittedly uninteresting, bad games. But nevertheless, crowds were still down. The ratings are gonna be down. The ratings probably are gonna be down again this weekend. I’m just looking at the schedule. You had a lot of just matchups that were… Who wants to watch the Indianapolis Colts and whoever was…?

I don’t even remember who they played. I just… The league has got problems. But there are stories in the media today that appear before stories about the action. Before you get to stories about the scores, there are stories listing who stood and who knelt. Now, I can remember when the sports pages had stats about the score, yards gained, great performances. That stuff is still there. But before you get to that you get stories with pictures on who stood and how many raised their fists, how many linked arms, how many stayed in the tunnel until the anthem was over.

It’s a whole new ballgame. A number of sports media outlets ran articles with the breakdown, including Sports Illustrated — and Jimmy Carter has weighed in on this. Jimmy Carter’s weighed in on this and everything. He really wants to be assigned to North Korea. He is saying everything he can. He’s come out; he’s one of the biggest Trump supporters that we have in the country right now all because he wants to get posted to North Korea to solve the nuclear problem there.

Indianapolis played the Jacksonville Jaguars, is that right? (interruption) And the Jaguars won 27-nothing.


RUSH: The NFL still doesn’t figure it out! Even with the stadiums continuing to empty and with the ratings continuing to fall, they still don’t get it! They think it’s temporary or think they can buy it all off with a joint series of public service announcements on police brutality?

They somehow think that if they can just strike a deal where the players stop protesting during the anthem, that the fans will automatically say, “Oh, okay. Good,” and come back. And they’re totally insensitive, ignorant, whatever, to what the actual problems are. And the actual problem is, there’s just too much radical liberalism in everything now, and whether people identify it as such, they don’t want any part of it. People do not want to go or watch an NFL game if they’re gonna have to listen to the media or watch the players protest the country.

That’s not why they’re there. No more complicated than that. If the solution is to find a way to continue to let the players protest the country, they’re not gonna solve the problem. If their solution is a PSA campaign during games, working with the networks to give a 30-second PSA per game on the premise that the league and its players are working together to overcome whatever is going wrong in our communities, the fans are not gonna be there to see the PSA.

And if they are there to see the PSA, it’s not going to be interpreted as a positive.

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