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RUSH: Kato Mele, the owner of a coffee shop in Lynn, Massachusetts found out the damage social media can do to a thriving enterprise.

On Facebook, Ms. Mele’s daughter Sophie said the shop would never host a “Coffee-with-a-Cop” event. She said cops are “bullies,” and she is “adamantly anti-police.”

After getting pushback online she doubled down. She said police uphold “an unjust system,” and commit “murder without consequence.” A firestorm erupted.

Ms. Mele fired her daughter and wrote an apology to the police. She called Sophie’s remarks “distasteful, biased, and hateful.” She said the work police officers do is heroic. And that her daughter should never have linked her own personal views to the business.

None of that quelled the storm. Some of the comments posted by those offended by Sophie’s anti-cop posts were just as adamant as Sophie’s posting.

Exhausted by the controversy, Ms. Mele announced the coffee shop would be closing. Her business shut down less than two weeks after a hateful post appeared on social media, put there by her own daughter.

I’ve got a suggestion for Sophie who is now looking for work. Have you thought of calling the the NFL players’ union? They don’t like the cops either. This could be a perfect fit for you.

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