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RUSH: Last week, inside the Capitol as President Trump was walking to meet with Senate Republicans, a protester emerged from a group of reporters in a “secure” area. He shouted “Treason!” and threw Russian flags at Trump.

The fringe-kook protester has now been identified as Ryan Clayton, a liberal activist from a known anti-Trump group. Clayton, as it turns out, was on a Capitol “watch list.”

A source told Fox News that Clayton used a four-day-old pass to a very sensitive area of the Capitol where the House Intelligence Committee is housed.

In January, this guy was one of three protesters who disrupted the House of Representatives as they tabulated the Electoral College votes. In July, Clayton caused a commotion in the Capitol when Jared Kushner was visiting. The day he threw the flags at the president, Clayton had been denied access to the building but still found his way back in.

The Capitol Police Board is conducting an internal investigation to figure out how this guy, already on a watch list, got into the press area without credentials and got as close to the President as he did.

Now, this is a deranged Trump-hater. He could have thrown something a lot more harmful than Russian flags at the president.

Maybe it’s time to connect the dots and throw the book at this guy, and figure out which Democrat is letting him in there.

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