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RUSH: Let me run through the Stack here of the Clinton and the Trump dossier, even though, folks, it’s weird. You know it all, and I hate to be repetitive other than for informative or educational reasons. But you really are. You knew all of this that’s now in the Drive-Bys three days ago. You actually knew it before that because I’ve been telling you the truth about this dossier for months. Now that it’s been confirmed, the rats are scurrying and trying to make sure the light of exposure does not hit them.

This goes all the way to the Obama White House. It involves Uranium One and now that informant having been granted the exemption from his nondisclosure agreement, and he is free to testify. His lawyer, Victoria Toensing, making the rounds in the media. And this is gonna be devastating. That scandal, the Uranium One scandal, I mean, stop and think of this for a second. Strip everything away, what happened?

Twenty percent of the American uranium supply ends up in a Russian company, and the route it took enriched Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation. Twenty percent of the American uranium supply. And it was a hidden transaction that they didn’t want anybody to ever know. Peter Schweizer first wrote about it in his book, Clinton Cash. It has all but been confirmed now. That has tentacles that reach all the way to the Obama White House.

And one of the things that is proving true here, when the Democrats start bellyaching and launching allegations about Republicans, it turns out more often than not the Democrats have actually done it.

For example, the dossier. The Democrats have been trying to make the case that Trump was colluding with the Russians to rig the election and steal it from Hillary Clinton. It’s the Democrats that have been making this charge, and they produced this dossier as evidence. The dossier is totally fake and phony and made up. The Democrats and the Clinton campaign paid for it. The Obama administration well knew about it. And it was used as the basis and foundation for real investigations of Trump and his people. And everybody involved knew that is was bogus. Everybody.

And the Democrats are out talking about it and the collusion, and what turns out to be true? What turns out to be true is that it was the Democrats colluding with the Russians. It was the Clinton campaign colluding with the Russians. It was the Clinton campaign paying, which is a violation of the law, paying essentially at the end of the trail, the Russians, to create phony intelligence about Hillary’s presidential opponent.

And then the Washington establishment from the White House on down treats the product of that project, the dossier, as real intelligence gathered by intelligence professionals, and it formed the basis of an investigation into Trump. And it was nothing but a pack of lies from the get-go. It was a work of art, if you will, commissioned by Hillary and the Democrat Party. Totally made up.

And while they’re out there bellyaching about Trump and collusion, it’s actually Hillary and the Democrat Party who were colluding with the Russians. And so often when Democrats start leveling charges, by the time you get to the end of the trail on it, you find out it is they, the Democrats, who’ve actually been doing the very thing that they are accusing Republican opponents of doing.

Now, this headline from The Politico: “GOP Eyes End of Russia Probes with Trump Collusion Unanswered.” This is hilarious. I mean, you talk about something ending with a whimper, think about where this was just two weeks ago, two months ago, six months ago. They thought they had Trump. This dossier was it. They were gonna convince everybody Trump was unfit, that Trump had colluded with the Russians and he was a traitor.

And now the truth has emerged, and we get this headline: “GOP Eyes End of Russia Probes with Trump Collusion Unanswered.” You know, this is another thing. All of these congressional investigations have been a mockery. Every one of these congressional investigations which have been focused on trying to find out whether or not Trump illegally colluded with Russia have been a total waste of time. They have been a purposeful waste of time, a purposeful misdirection of both resources and intent.

There was never anything here to find. There was nothing that ever happened between Trump and the Russians or Trump’s people and the Russians. There’s nothing. After all of these months, there’s nothing. And yet we’ve had congressional investigations that the Democrats on these committees have demanded — oh, and, by the way, some of the Republicans did too. Some of the Republicans bought all of this hook, line, and sinker in their Trump hatred, in their wish to become heroes and be part of the movement to get rid of Trump. You know, people like Corker, people like Jeff Flake, thought they would become heroes by speaking out against this reprobate that’s in the White House.

And it is they now forced to leave Washington in shame. Flake with 16% of the vote in a polling data result out in Arizona. Corker in a decision not to run again. And all of these guys thought that they were going to become great heroes by standing up and refusing to be part of this travesty and this outrage of Donald Trump in the White House any longer.

So there were plenty of Republicans on some of these committees. And I listened to ’em talk, I listened to Richard Burr, some of these people talk. He’s the senator, Republican the senator in charge of the Intel Committee in the Senate. I’ve been stunned that they believed this at all. To believe this is to be totally ignorant and innocent of Democrat Party techniques.

To not have any suspicion about the validity of this, to go ahead and call for investigations, employ staff, go out and hire a bunch of independent lawyers to serve as investigators. Think of the money that was wasted on what essentially is a hoax. “GOP Eyes End of Russia Probes with Trump Collusion Unanswered.” It’s not unanswered. There isn’t any!

Now, part of this is Politico and part of this is just the way the media’s writing this ’cause folks, I’m gonna tell you something else. I don’t think that the leftist media is ever going to let this go. I don’t care what we learn and what is proven about Hillary and the DNC and buying this dossier and paying for it to be written, I don’t think the Democrats are ever gonna let it go because they don’t have anything else. And I’ll tell you why.

Anybody know the name David Corn? You know who David Corn is, right? He is an uber-leftist, slash, communist. He writes at The Nation, or did. Anyway, wherever he is writing now — I don’t have it in front of me — but he published a piece today, and it’s basically about how the media has blown it in not getting to the bottom of Trump’s collusion with Russia. In the midst of all of this that we’ve learned about the dossier and its origins and its fakery, this guy writes a piece on how it’s still a story waiting to be discovered. Trump collusion with Russia happened and the media has blown it, and halfway through this piece is a request that readers send money to the publication so they can continue.

So the publication, if it’s The Nation, I forget what it is, is in dire straits, so a piece is written to satisfy the unquenchable thirst and hunger that the leftists have to see Trump sent packing. So they write a piece claiming that it’s still a story waiting to be discovered but the U.S. media has dropped the ball. But Corn says we at The Nation or wherever he is, we will continue this quest, and we will find the evidence that Trump colluded, but we need your help. It’s a solicitation, it’s a fundraising solicitation right in the middle of the article.

For that reason alone they’re never going to drop this. Another reason is, they are never gonna admit there is nothing to this, because that would be admitting that they followed a series of lies and untruths around. The truth is, I think, everybody has known this is bogus, everybody who’s been involved in this has known to one degree or another it’s bogus, but those same people have held out a lot of hope that something in it is true, because the objective is to get Trump, at any cost.

So they’re not gonna let this go. They’re not gonna admit that there’s nothing to it. They’re gonna keep investigating because it’s all they’ve got. So be prepared for that. Even if Hillary and people go to jail over this, or Uranium One, they’re not going to give up on Trump colluding with Russia. Get ready. Be prepared.


RUSH: David Corn’s story is written in Mother Jones. So he’s moved on from The Nation. The Nation’s still run by Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel. But David Corn has moved on to Mother Jones. They’re begging for money in the middle of a promise not to let go of the Trump-Russia collusion story despite the fact the media has dropped the ball.


RUSH: Here is Claire. We try to go to the phones in the first hour automatically on Open Line Friday. She is in Stuyvesant, New York. Great to have you. Welcome.



CALLER: (garbled) I’m calling just ’cause I’m in the middle of reading what happened right now, Hillary’s latest book. And it’s just funny, two different times she brings up the dossier and says, “But nobody had any proof of what happened,” and it’s just highly ironic given the latest news.

RUSH: Are you…? (sigh) What’s your opinion of this book? I mean, why did you want to read this book in the first place?

CALLER: Oh. ‘Cause I wanted something entertaining to read. (giggles)

RUSH: Really? You picked it up because you wanted to be entertained by reading what the loser wrote about what went wrong?

CALLER: Yes, and she just blames everyone except for herself, really.

RUSH: Nothing new about that. It’s modus operandi.

CALLER: The whole book.

RUSH: Now, what specifically did she say about…? Did you say she writes something about the dossier? What did she say about that?

CALLER: Well, one of them she says then, “There were the whispers going around Washington that the Russians had compromising information on Trump, possibly a salacious videotape from the Marco hotel, but nobody had any proof.” Then there was another reference as well but I don’t know where that one was.

RUSH: That sounds like a CYA reference — which is ample, by the way.

CALLER: (giggles) It sounds like a… I think, you know, analyzing where Hillary Clinton is on this right now is not very difficult. Hillary Clinton claims… By the way, they’re all claiming — Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, everybody — “What do you mean, pay the Fusion GPS? I didn’t know anybody paying! We didn’t know anything about this.” They’re all in CYA mode. They have been caught. They tried to cover all of this up. None of this was ever gonna come out if Hillary had won.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But now it’s all been blown sky-high, and she’s the least credible on this. They’ve all really been nabbed. Hey, look, before you go Claire, I’m gonna ask you a question. You do not have to say yes, okay? I’m trying to put pressure on you. But this was New iPhone Order Day, the iPhone X. Do you have an iPhone?

CALLER: I do not have an iPhone.

RUSH: Well, okay. Is that because you don’t care about iPhones ’cause I don’t want to… If you don’t care about ’em, that’s okay. It’s no big deal.

CALLER: I don’t care about them. (giggles) I have a non-smart phone still.

RUSH: You have a non…? Oh, okay. And you’re happy with that?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Fine and dandy. All right. Well, look, I appreciate your call. I do. Thank you very much. That’s Claire. She’s in Stuyvesant, New York, wasting time reading the Hillary book, What Happened. “What happened? You! You happened, Hillary!”


RUSH: Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal, “The Coming Russia Bombshells,” from the latest of the dossier story. It’s good, and it’s a great addendum to what is already known by those of you in this audience the past three days.

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