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RUSH: I just got an email right before the end of the previous hour that contains a Twitter link to a video that is an ad that is being run against Ed Gillespie, who is the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia. It’s disgusting, but, at the same time, I don’t know, it’s just ridiculous. Now, I’m gonna describe this to you, but I just sent the link up to Koko at RushLimbaugh.com, and he will post that link so that you have a chance to watch it. I’m sure it’s available in a bunch of places. But I just have seen it now.

I want to try to describe this to you. It’s put up by some outfit called Latino Victory Fund. And the premise of the ad is that “Ed Gillespie and Donald Trump promise the American dream, but can only deliver an American nightmare. No more. Vote @RalphNortham.” He’s a Democrat running for governor. Now, I just had the chance to watch this once, so I’m gonna give you the overview description.

You have a bunch of Latino kids in a neighborhood playing basketball, doing neighborhood things that kids would do either before or after school. And, all of a sudden, a gigantic black, menacing pickup truck with a Confederate flag hanging outside the bed, you know, the tail bed of the truck is prowling the neighborhood. And when Latino kids see it, they get scared to death and they start running!

They leave their pickup basketball games. They leave the lemonade stand, whatever they’re doing, they run for their lives. And this big, black, menacing pickup truck with the Confederate flag prominently hanging from the rear continues to chase them down. It chases and it chases, and no matter where they go in the neighborhood, the black pickup truck is there.

And, finally, we get a close-up of the back of the truck, and it says, “Gillespie for governor” on a bumper sticker right underneath the Confederate flag. And the kids are scared to death that they’re being run down and that they’re gonna be picked up and they’re gonna be put in the back of the pickup truck and they’re gonna be deported. And then, at the end, one of the kids wakes up and discovers it was a nightmare. He’s in bed, he wakes up. It’s the same old vehicle, device that they use in television shows. The dream sequence, as it were.

Did you find it, Snerdley? Have you looked at the link? Is my description fairly accurate of this thing? Pretty much right on the money. Now, I have tell you, folks, we’ve been through a lifetime, you and I, we’ve been through 29, 25 years of this kind of stuff, and most of our experience is of it working! Is it not? Over the years we have cringed at this stuff, but we’ve had to resign ourselves to the fact that it works.

One of the reasons why is that the Republicans never push back on it. The extent to which Republicans push back on this stuff is to join the Democrat call for amnesty, for example, to prove that we’re not the way we’re being depicted in these ads like this. Only Donald Trump, not just push back, Donald Trump aggressively stops this stuff before it starts, or, if it is aimed at him, he will push back on it. But Gillespie didn’t push back on something that was similarly like this outrageous last week. “No, no, no, let’s not go there, it doesn’t even deserve a comment.” It was equally reprehensible. I just don’t remember what it was.

But what they’re trying to do with this is link Gillespie to the Charlottesville fatality. Remember where the skinheads and the neo-Nazis and the white supremacists, all 10 of them, ended up running a car into an innocent leftist protester who died. So they’re trying to put Gillespie in Charlottesville.

It’s not just Latino kids. One of the kids has a hijab. A Muslim kid is in this mix too. They’re all kids of color. They’re all kids of color and they’re all minorities. Latinos and Muslims and the Gillespie-for-governor pickup truck is running ’em down and intent on picking ’em up and capturing them and doing who knows what with them. And then one of the kids awakens, and it’s just a nightmare.

Now, our experience is of this stuff working. But, you know, as I look out over the landscape, folks — and this is not wishful thinking. This is not anything other than an objective assessment of what is happening now. And, if you ask me, I think this stuff is starting to backfire and implode. Look at Hollywood. Hollywood is been exposed for what it is. What is being exposed?

Let me, in a nutshell, overview, what’s being exposed is that wherever you find the, quote, unquote, establishment, and predominantly the liberal Democrat establishment, Washington, D.C., Hollywood, TV shows, wherever you find it, you find that they have been openly mocking the middle class and middle America for all of these years. They’ve been making fun of people. They have been abusing and impugning their values. They’ve been making anti-Christian movies, anti-straight movies, television shows. They have been ramming gay sex down your throat. They have been ramming pornography down your throat. They have been ramming feminist-themed shows, all of this left-wing stuff, they have just been in your face with it, forcing you to watch it or turn off the TV. You will watch and you will like and you will love.

And look at what is happening. Hollywood, the only movies that are worth anything anymore at the box office are horror movies. They tried to pass George Clooney off as the modern-day equivalent of who? Cary Grant, middle class, universal appeal. And he’s not! He’s an ardent, ultra-left-wing — do you know what Jimmy Kimmel said? Jimmy Kimmel was in New York, I guess doing a week of shows in New York. He was interviewed by somebody. He said, “Maybe the days of fun in late-night are over.”

Hey, Jimmy, that’s not good. You think the people are tuning in to your show to watch serious monologues? Have you guys taken a look at your numbers lately? I remember when this program began and the perplexed media would ask me, “What is it about this show that people like?”

I said, “It’s not that, although they do.” I said, “This show combines a couple of elements that are not combined anywhere else in media.”

“What do you mean by that?”

I said, “Well, if you tune in to The Tonight Show and instead of a 10-minute joke monologue Johnny Carson would get very serious with you about whatever he thinks of whatever issues of the day, you’d get kind of uncomfortable, right?”


“I mean, it’s not why you’re tuned in, right? You’re tuned in to Carson for the joke monologue. Consequently, if you turn on Nightline and instead of Ted Koppel and his serious discussion with his panel he did a 10-minute joke routine, stand-up, you’d go, ‘Wait a minute, what’s this?’ Right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I wouldn’t expect Ted Koppel to start doing Johnny Carson.”

“That’s right. Well, I do. I combine irreverent humor and serious discussion of issues in one presentation with credibility on both sides.” It’s hard to do, and they can’t do it, especially from the standpoint from which they’re coming. Their standpoint is mock people, to make fun of them. You know, I love left-wing humor. Left-wing humor claim to be perfectly tolerable and fine “because we never make fun of people with power.” But Republican comedians, all the Republicans do, they make fun of powerless people. They make fun of racists. They make fun of blacks. They make fun of Hispanics. They totally claim that conservative humor is aimed at the powerless, whereas liberal humor is aimed at the powerful.

Well, that’s out the window now. Hollywood is making movies which attack middle class values and then preach to them, the people, about how wrong and misguided and backwards and hayseedish they are. And it’s been building and building and building.

And so this ad… You know, Democrats have not been winning elections. I know you get mad of me when I point this out, and I know the conventional wisdom is the Democrats are gonna take the House back in 2018 and Donald Trump is gonna get snookered and lose in a big landslide in 2020. But there isn’t any evidence to suggest that. In fact, the evidence is that Donald Trump’s base is getting stronger, that Donald Trump’s base is becoming more glued to him than ever with every one of these attacks.

With every attack on Trump voters, with every attack on Trump, with every transparent attempt to ruin Trump, it just cements the bond that his voters have with him — and some of these Drive-Bys are getting it. That was a story last week (I didn’t get to it) but a former executive at NPR… Was it NPR or PBS? I mean, it’s six of one, a half dozen of the other. This guy, for some reason, decided it wasn’t healthy that the only point of view on NPR/PBS, was the point of view that dominates in Washington and New York.

So this guy actually went out into the heartland of America, where he expected to see a bunch of racists and a bunch of bigots and a bunch of homophobes and a bunch of uneducated, unsophisticated boobs. And he found just the exact opposite. And he was legitimately — admittedly legitimately — shocked. Now, he didn’t say it was going to change his opinion, but he used it to say that maybe we in the media are missing some of what’s happening in America and who thinks it.

There have been a few more of those. They’re isolated examples. But my feeling is that none of this stuff… I shouldn’t say “none of it.” I don’t want to be blanket one way or the other. But I don’t think this stuff is working for Democrats the way it used to. We would automatically conclude that an ad like this, people would believe it, that people would think, “Wow, this Gillespie guy? Yep, he’s a Republican; so he hates Muslims. Yep, he’s a Republican; so he hates Hispanics. Yep, he’s a Republican; he only cares about the rich.”

But that stuff, the evidence that it’s not working as it always has… The Trump dossier is evidence that it’s not working! Who else…? I ask you, who else could have survived the Access Hollywood video, hmm? There isn’t anybody. But Trump did, and it’s safe to say that it didn’t really harm him much, if any at all. Why is that? Well, the bond, for one thing, and what it means. But I think there’s also another element, and that is that a certain percentage of American voters — the voter population — is becoming more and more aware of who the left is and how they operate and are simply unaffected by any.

And in fact not only are they unaffected by it, they actively oppose it and get mad at it. Now I realize I’m still in a minority here. Most people on our side think the Democrats and the media get away with whatever they want to get away with because they have so much powerl it’s impossible to refute them, and they’ll cite this Manafort indictment. “See, Rush, I don’t care what you say; the country is gonna up thinking that Manafort spun the election for Trump, and this the first stage,” ’cause that’s the way the media’s reporting it.

That this is just the first stage in indicting Trump, but it’s gotta happen this way, but that’s what’s happening. Even though it isn’t. There’s nothing related to Trump whatsoever in this indictment of Manafort. In fact, folks, you remember that question I asked you right before the hour ended? I got an email, “Rush, could it be that what the Manafort indictment actually is is a first step toward getting Podesta?” I imagine many of you laughed at that. “Come on, Rush. Don’t tell me you’re falling for this now.”

I’m not falling for anything.

I’m just asking you a question.

But here. I have a story that the Daily Caller, Chatsworth Osborne Jr.’s website. “FBI’s Focus on Manafort Doesn’t Have Anything to Do with Russian Collusion in the Election — The FBI’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is focused on several suspicious wire-transfers he made four years before the presidential election, according to a Sunday report from Buzzfeed. … Manafort’s suspicious financial transactions were flagged as far back as 2012 and forwarded to the FBI’s International Corruption Unit and the Department of Justice, a former Treasury official told reporters.”

Now, you have to note here that Manafort’s firm — company — as well as Podesta’s firm, were both lobbying for Ukraine to join the European Union, which is something Putin adamantly opposes! Putin doesn’t want Ukraine in the European Union or even close to it. Nor NATO, any of these kinds of things. Now, if Trump and Putin were colluding, then certainly a Trump guy wouldn’t be working to make this happen.

But Podesta’s firm and Manafort are linked only in terms of their objectives and business purposes. It’s hard to comprehend that a special counsel with 16 lawyers that worked for Clinton and Obama would be targeting a Democrat, because we all know they all in the swamp want to get Trump. But, anyway, RushLimbaugh.com I haven’t… Koko says he’s gonna post the link up there so it should be there if you want to go see this ad that they’re running against Gillespie in Virginia.

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