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RUSH: They are concerned at the Politico. They’re worried the Obamacare open enrollment period starting this week is going to be hurt by “confusion” leading to lower enrollment numbers, which won’t be an accident, warns Politico.

Whose fault is the impending Obamacare implosion, according to these Drive-By wizards of smart? Well, according to them, it’s Trump’s fault.

Politico says that from the day he took office, Trump and his team have undermined Obamacare by gutting outreach and marketing. Now almost half of America’s counties have just one insurer selling plans. Politico blames skyrocketing premiums on Trump himself for cutting off federal subsidies, leaving the insurers facing billions in extra costs.

To make matters worse – in their view – Trump will not appear on the late-night TV comedy shows to promote Obamacare.

With all this creating a big mess for Obamacare, Politico thinks – and hopes – that Trump and Republicans will get hammered by angry voters and blame Trump.

But they’re forgetting something. Obamacare was failing long before Trump came along, and voters know it. All of Obamacare’s problems were caused by Obama and the Democrats who forced it down everybody’s throat.

Here’s breaking news for you guys at Politico. Trump was not elected to protect Obama’s legacy. Hillary Clinton ran on that premise and she lost.

Bottom line, one way or another, Obamacare is going to die, as it should, and as it was designed to do. More on that later.

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