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RUSH: Hey, folks, great to have you here as we kick off yet another three-hour excursion into broadcast excellence hosted by me, America’s Real Anchorman and America’s Truth Detector and the Doctor of Democracy. So happy to have you here. Telephone number is 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Did you see where Hillary Clinton was asked at one of her book signings how she would dress for Halloween? Did you see this? Folks, it’s actually kind of pathetic. She said that she would probably go as the president. What does that mean, is she gonna wear a Trump mask? She can’t get over this!

I told you yesterday — and, by the way, I have audio sound bite evidence of this in audio sound bite number 1 coming up, although it’s not gonna be the first sound bite, Mike, so don’t think I’m changing the order on you here.

The point that I made yesterday is that no matter what the Mueller investigation turns up or doesn’t turn up, no matter how it goes — in fact, let me put it this way. Let’s take the absolute most unexpected outcome. Let’s say the Mueller investigation ends up turning up all kinds of genuine illegality, collusion and whatever between Hillary and her campaign and the Russians. Even with that, the Drive-By Media is not going to give up the ghost that the Russians colluded with Trump and vice versa in order to steal the election.

They have been at this for so long that it has become its own reality. And there is nothing — there’s not a single thing — if Trump is in office for eight years, I’m telling you today that they are never going to drop this line. They’re never gonna drop this narrative that Trump and Russia colluded. A, they want it to be true; B, they have convinced themselves it was true from the get-go. But now having immersed themselves in it for a full year, it literally has become the animating aspect of all of their lives.

It’s the reason they get up in the morning, to prove it, to find evidence of it. And these people are renowned for telling themselves lies and getting so immersed in it that they end up believing them all. And that’s where we are with this. It’s problematic for a lot of people ’cause there’s still a decent swath of the population that only gets its news from these people. So I’m just warning you about this.

But I think Hillary saying that she’s gonna — how do you dress up as president? You know what I would do if I were Hillary? Here would be my costume. I’d say somebody get Hillary a giant balloon and put it on her head and have her go to her Halloween party as a… beep. One of the great things about radio is the theater of the mind. A talented host will paint a picture for the audience. And then the audience ends up actually creating that photo or that picture, that image in their own minds.

So imagine Hillary Clinton walking into a Halloween party with a giant balloon on her head, you know, with cutouts for the eyes and the nose and the mouth and so forth. What would you think she is? He-he-he-he-he-he. Anyhow, said she would go as the president. All of the attendees laughed and applauded. By the way, when I say it’s really sad, I’m not feeling sad, don’t misunderstand, for Mrs. Clinton.

It just is sad. She is another one of this crowd, the presidency was hers and it’s been hers since — well, I don’t know how far back, but it was gonna be hers in 2008. It was taken away. And then in 2016 it was taken away. And she just cannot give it up. If she only had someone close who could try to help her, somebody she was close to, intervention or something. I, frankly, don’t think it’s gonna happen, and part of me is happy about that because she will continue to provide fodder for the program.

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