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RUSH: Diversity is not a problem. We are the most diverse country on the planet, folks. We do not have a diversity problem here. What has happened is that a policy that’s rooted in cockamamie political correctness has become a vehicle for terrorism. Diversity is not a problem in our country. Yet what do we have? We have a Diversity Visa Lottery Program. America doesn’t have a diversity problem. You know what our problem is?

The problem we have is an assimilation problem, not a diversity problem. We have a vetting problem, not a systematic bigotry problem. But here’s the American left: “America is inherently not good! America is originally flawed. America is unfair, discriminatory, and mean. America is punitive. America has systematic racism! America has systematic bigotry,” says the left, says the media, says the Democrat Party, “and, as such, we need diversity outreach programs.”

So the left concocts relationships with people all over the world who do not like the United States. That’s the commonality. That’s where common ground exists. What does the left have in common with militant Islam? Problems with America. What does the left have in common with any other nation, communist nations that don’t like America? A shared belief system that America is the problem in the world. So, in their eyes, we have systematic bigotry, and the only fix for this is “diversity,” a hand out to people that otherwise would be unwelcome in the United States because of our bigotry and our own supremacy.

So instead of a merit-based system that seeks out the best and brightest to advance the American ideal as founded to advance the greatness of American culture, we have a feel-good, politically correct program seeking people who have no intention or motivation to assimilate into American culture. In fact, this program reaches out to people who do not wish to be Americans. Don’t ask me to explain the logic of it, because there isn’t any. The Diversity Visa Program reaches out to people who have a problem with American culture and welcomes them in, gives them an advantage in getting in.

No other country, that I know of, actively seeks to weaken its culture. I don’t know of a single other country on earth that has policies that are designed to dilute and water down its culture and its greatness. But we do, and these policies and beliefs are found in the foundations of the American left and the Democrat Party — and now the American media — between open borders and a government-led aversion to assimilation. That’s right! Our own government works to thwart assimilation. America as founded is not sustainable under these circumstances, folks.

Which I think is the idea. America, as founded, is not sustainable. Not when we devise policies that specifically undermine the unique aspects of American culture that have created this unique, great place — and the fact that it isn’t sustainable is the point. It’s why Donald Trump is despised. It’s why Donald Trump is an obstacle. Donald Trump is an obstacle to the dilution of America. Donald Trump is an obstacle to the watering down of America. Donald Trump is an obstacle to the globalization of the United States.

Donald Trump and his voters stand in the way of the watering down of American values, which includes America’s borders, which rules the rule of law, and includes the Constitution itself. We are openly inviting people who do not believe in the Constitution to come into our country. We are openly inviting people who believe in the supremacy of Sharia law into our country, and we are not promoting American greatness to them. We are not inviting them in and hoping that they will assimilate. We’re inviting them in and standing aside as they engage.

When politically correct policy becomes a vehicle for terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, there should be universal agreement to end that policy. We should be reacting politically to everything the left does, because everything they do is political. We need to react to everything they do as, “It is being politicized.” It’s the only way people are gonna learn who they are! It’s the only way people are gonna finally figure out that the reasons they’re nervous and uncomfortable and not at ease is because of a particular way of thinking in this country found on the left and in the Democrat Party.

There should be universal agreement to end any policy that ends up becoming a vehicle for terrorism. It’d be like discovering an ingredient in a product linked to cancer or an ingredient in a product linked to any other illness. You eliminate it! You take it off the market, you don’t sell it, you fix it. But you certainly don’t ignore it because you might offend the supplier. You get rid of it. People should be vetted as vigorously as what we consume is vetted.

Mindlessly absorbing external poisons, which is what we’re doing, isn’t sustainable. If our government was as concerned about importing terrorists as it is about Americans consuming carcinogens, we would all be a lot safer. But all of this is another reason why Donald Trump was elected, because majorities of people are fed up with what appears on the surface to be the dumbest and stupidest policies a country could have if its intent is to thrive and prosper.

Here is Doug in Savannah. I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush Limbaugh, it’s an honor to speak with you after listening to you for 27-plus years. Thanks for what you do.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you very much. You’re right on the money about Chuck Schumer. I remember eight months ago when President Trump tried to restrict immigration from certain countries, and Chuck Schumer came out talking with his crocodile tears about how sad he was and that Lady Liberty was crying because these immigrants wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: So where are Senator Schumer’s tears today for these people that were killed in his home state by this Muslim terrorist?

RUSH: Well, his tears are for himself and for the supposed words of Donald Trump. But, you know, you zero in on something else that’s happened that I just remembered. You talk about Schumer and his tears, his crocodile tears over Trump’s immigration policy. Remember how the left at the time cited the poem that’s on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and assumed that it was immigration policy when it isn’t?

The Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with immigration, and the poem by Emma Lazarus has nothing to do with immigration, and the poem and the pedestal have nothing to do with the statue! The poem and the pedestal are the result of a fundraising effort that have nothing to do with immigration. They were not originally part of the Statue of Liberty, which came to us from France, and yet the left has now conflated the Statue of Liberty and the Emma Lazarus poem with our immigration policy! And what is it?

Give us your tired, give us your poor, give us your hungry, give us your thirsty — and there’s a statue welcoming everybody in. Of course, do you know what direction the statue faces? Do you know where Lady Liberty is pointing? She’s not waving people in. The statue is not waving people in. But that’s how it’s been appropriated, and that’s what Chuck Schumer was doing that day with his… I think she’s pointing to the Manhattan Bridge (chuckling), but at the city.

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