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RUSH: I just got an email, by the way, from Melanie Morgan. Melanie Morgan’s a former newscaster and talk show host at both KGO San Francisco and KSFO San Francisco. She runs a military charity now that packages items for U.S. troops overseas, raises money to assemble these packages and ships them to our troops overseas.

And she sent me a note saying: “You said will other women come forward? Well, I will.” She claims that Al Franken stalked her in 2000, and she writes at a website now called mediaequalizer.com and she’s at the moment preparing a story on this. So Melanie, who we all know, by the way, is now claiming to be another woman stalked by then-comedian Al Franken. Al Franken, by the way, said it was this USO trip that convinced him to run for the Senate in 2006.

So, once again, what are the Democrats gonna do? There was to be a press conference that started about 20 minutes ago that was canceled. Senator Schumer and Senator Reid were gonna do a press conference. I’m sure they were gonna hammer the latest on Roy Moore and hammer the Republicans and basically demand the Republicans just leave town. You know, why don’t you guys, you got Moore, just leave town. Why don’t you just resign, why don’t you resign and just give us Washington, was going to be the subject of the press conference.

I’m joking, but that’s what their day-to-day objective is. And the Republicans sometimes make it look like that’s what they’re gonna do, is just give the Democrats Washington. Mitch McConnell is demanding an Ethics Committee investigation into Franken. Chuck Schumer and Jack Reed have canceled their presser because apparently they didn’t want to deal with questions — there’s a big difference too. When the first Roy Moore allegations came up, the Republicans beat the Democrats to the microphones and cameras to condemn the guy.

Now that Al Franken has been implicated with photographic evidence, the Democrats have no interest in going to the cameras and microphones. I don’t know if the Republicans do, either.

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