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RUSH: Here’s Greg in Cincinnati. You’re next, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello. I’ve been calling you on… I’m a third-time caller over 20 years. I greatly appreciate what you do, and I just wanted to briefly talk about China. I know you’re talking about trade wars, but what amazes me is how China’s infrastructure seems to surpass ours in many ways. High-speed trains. And it’s amazing to me the culture in China, how far they moved ahead. And I feel, in a way, it’s our culture competing against theirs. And we’re winning in many ways. And I urge people to go to people and to visit China. Have you ever been to China?

RUSH: I have not been to China.

CALLER: Well, it’s an amazing place, and I hope we can look at them as a strategic partner. And if we are partnered with China, I don’t think we have any problem.

RUSH: You must have loved Obama. You sound just like Obama. Obama was saying their infrastructure ran rings around ours. Even after his famous stimulus bill to rebuild ours, he said the ChiComs are running rings around us. The ChiCom high-speed trains are not high speed. Some of them are derailing, too, you need to know. Some of their buildings are falling down. They’re building this stuff fast but not solid.

CALLER: Their high-speed trains —

RUSH: Major pollution. Major pollution in Beijing. You can’t walk outside without a mask on your face.

CALLER: There are a lot of problems, you’re the absolutely right. But high-speed trains, they can move their goods around much cheaper than we can. It’s like moving five jumbo jets coming in and within about five or 10 minutes, they can unload the trains. People go onto them. It’s amazing. They’ve passed us up. I hope that we can promote culture, our rock ‘n’ roll, and our blue jeans. They want to be like us. I wish we could lower the trade deficit and encourage them —

RUSH: Let me… (sigh) Look, I appreciate your wish for bipartisanship and all that. But the ChiComs are not gonna permit what the Soviets screwed up and allowed. The ChiComs just named Xi Jinping the president for life, and the ChiComs are not gonna let go of communism. They’re gonna persecute anybody that wants to practice a religion that has anything other than the state as the deity. They have political prisoners out the wazoo. They are still kicking the cans out of the Tibetans. We don’t want to emulate them, and we certainly do not want our workforce making the equivalent of two bucks a day.

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