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Liberals Must Destroy Advocates for Conservatism

RUSH: Over the course of the 30 years on this program, I have been targeted in a number of different ways, but never have I been debated about my ideas. Rather, the criticism is always designed to destroy my reputation among people that don't listen.

Who Is Judge Kimba Wood?

RUSH: According to the New York Times, February 6, 1993, Kimba Wood was interviewed by both Bill and Hillary Clinton to be Bill's attorney general.

Industries Millennials Are Killing

RUSH: This current crop of Millennials and the bunch following them, believe me, they're tossing out all kinds of things that a bunch of generations prior to them lived by, were guided by and sought.

Comey Lacks Self-Awareness

RUSH: James Comey personally has not yet reached this special status that I think he believes he has achieved.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: The Stack of Stuff is updated in real time with specific things I got to, and also any things I intended to get to but didn’t have time: The Holdover Stack. If I don’t talk about it, you don’t need to know about it.

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