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RUSH: This is Claire in Bellingham, Washington. Welcome, and great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I think you’re absolutely amazing. I’m gonna get to my point. And you opened the show and you talked about Sarah Jeong, the New York reporter, and you talked about the white hatred she has or the hatred for whites. And on other days I hear you speaking about the Trump hatred. And it’s not Trump hatred or white hatred. In all honesty, it is self-hatred like I have never seen before.

The Democrats didn’t get what they wanted, and they’re mad at themselves, just like you said this morning when you opened the show, you were mad at yourself that you didn’t find that Dianne Feinstein story. That was real accountability. But these people, they can’t be accountable because they’re angry, and they didn’t get what they wanted, and they feel persecuted, and all their mental models and thinking has built up, and they’re projecting it on Trump, they’re projecting it on whites, they’re just projecting it on anything because — and so when I listen to them, I hold up a mirror, ’cause they’re talking at themselves. They’re not talking to me. I’ve never seen self-hatred like this. And this is what explains it all, because they’ll do anything, say anything, go anywhere —

RUSH: Well, now, this is very, very — by the way, did you hear me when I just interrupted you?

CALLER: I heard you just now.

RUSH: Wow. We may have actually rectified a problem in here. That’s a little inside baseball. My point is about your self-loathing —


RUSH: — I think that you’re on to something, and I think it may be really, really relevant. I’ve gotta be very, very careful here in expanding on what you said. But I think that the self-loathing, the being angry, disliking themselves results from feelings of — what are they really mad at? When they’re mad at the white majority, what do you think they’re really mad at? Forget the self-loathing. I’m granting that. But what is it about it that makes them mad, do you think?

CALLER: Well, I think overall it’s they’re not getting their points across. It’s an unfair justice. They’re not being heard. They didn’t get their way. They were persecuted. I mean, it could be anything. It’s whatever their mental models are. So they point the finger and they forget there’s three pointing back to them. So it could be anything, really.

RUSH: Oh, I think it’s something specific. This is where I gotta be really, really careful, though. (interruption) No, it’s nothing — yeah, success versus failure. But, no, no, it’s far, far, far, far way beyond that. It’s about — I gotta be very careful how I say this. I mean, it’s about normalcy versus abnormal. Okay? I appreciate your call, Claire. And I must take a brief timeout — who are they trying to claim now are the oddballs and the abnormals? Us!


RUSH: Now, her point about self-loathing is I think right on the money in a lot of ways. I think people with this kind of hatred at an existing power structure, people they don’t even know, I mean, this personal visceral hatred for people you do not even know is in fact rooted in — not all cases, but in some cases — a genuine and profound dissatisfaction with one’s self and a blaming of other people for it.

Let me illustrate it in this way. And I’ve told the story in a number of different ways. When I bought my first house in — and I don’t count the one I bought in Kansas City my first house, ’cause I had no business buying it. It was a shack, and I just bought it because everybody said you’re throwing money away renting. And I had no business buying it. Just throw that out.

The first house I really bought, first home I bought was in Sacramento. I was proud as I could be of it. It was just my first one. And I’m having an adult beverage with a guy at my favorite bar out there, Mesa’s, which is no longer there, sadly. And he’s in the real estate business, and he’s much older than I am. At the time this happened — this is ’87 — I’m probably 35, 36.

He said, “You know” — and this, by the way, for the Baby Boom generation, this was pretty axiomatic. There are exceptions to it, there’s exceptions to everything, but there was a rule of thumb when I was growing up that, quote, “They don’t allow you to make any real money or to have any real responsibility ’til you’re 40.”

Now, what was behind that was the old work ethic that had come from people that had grown up during the Great Depression. Parents and then grandparents raising their kids about how hard it was to make it and how much hard work it took to make it. It’s why an education was so important. And you had to be dedicated, and you had to be focused, and you had to know what you want. But even then don’t expect overnight success; that doesn’t happen.

And “they’re not gonna let you make any real money ’til you’re 40” was just a way of saying that you had to prove yourself over and over again before you were gonna be invested with a lot of responsibility and a lot of money in terms of a salary and a responsible job, if you were an employee. And it was just the way things were.

Now, at the time, a lot of people accepted it and lived by it and followed the guidelines and the rules that were set forth, and they were unwritten or unstated anywhere. And along the line there were people that were exceptions. There were overnight successes and there was the Lucky Sperm Club, and there was any number of exceptions to the rule. And in the sixties there was a great revolution to that line of thinking. It gave us, in part, the anti-war, anti- this sixties. Because, “Yeah, your stupid rules. Yeah, before we get to 40 you’re gonna send us off to a war to die that nobody can tell us what the purpose is.”

And so it got started. There are always people that reject the norms of whatever generation happens to be dominant. And I think that’s what’s happening now. But this one has been building. And this one is the product of education. It’s the product of propaganda. It’s the product of poisoning minds. It’s the product of education I think finally being overtaken by a bunch of socialists and Marxists who, for two or three generations have now had unfettered access to the young skulls full of mush in America.

And they have transmitted, transmuted, transformed all this hatred for America into countless millions of young people. And it’s always an anger at the majority. The majority is racist and sexist, the majority is unfair. “What do you mean they don’t let you make any money ’til you’re 40?” People rebel against that. I happened not to, but a lot of people did. Just as people are rebelling against things today.

And that was considered a norm. And many of you who are my age, I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about, and you may have lived it yourself. And you know your kids don’t. Your kids aren’t gonna wait ’til they’re 40. Screw that. I mean, if they have to live with you until they’re 35, screw that.

But I think it’s become deeper now. I think this rejection of the norms, because it’s been fueled by a bunch of hatred and anger disguised as education. And it has filled the minds of Americans with the fact that their country sucks. And, of course, who’s been running the country? Well, ever since it was founded, the white majority.

If you take a look at everything the left supports and radicalizes over and raises hell over, it’s designed to overthrow whatever aspect of that white majority they can. I think it’s one of the reasons — you know, for people that are for open borders but are not elected Democrats, they’re looking at these people as future voters. They’re just an army to overthrow the white power structure. And if they are people of color from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what they are, if they’re MS-13, they’re a bunch of rapists, if they’re drug cartels, it doesn’t matter, they’re still victims of the evil white American majority and however that evil white majority can be unseated, displaced.

Now, throw into the mix that a lot of that white power structure happens to have been over the years a bunch of Democrats too. What are they doing encouraging this? Well, they believe that they’re going to be exempted from the hatred because they’re right, quote, unquote, on the issues. As long as they espouse socialism and communism — why do you think Bernie Sanders came out of nowhere?

Bernie Sanders has been a joke most of his life. Now he’s a hero. Yet he’s a quintessential old white guy. But what does he stand for? America sucks. What does the media stand for? America sucks. What’s the media do? Point out all the grievance, all the problems, all the shortcomings. Traced back to who? The majority that founded the country.

So this stuff has been fueled. And if you combine what I do think is ever present, and that is dislike of self, self-hatred, self-loathing it’s called, unhappiness with one’s position, or angry that they’re not — well, never mind. I don’t want to go there. Just angry. Plain old angry that they’re not whatever. And so it’s not fair. They had no control over not being whatever. It’s time to take it all back and make it fair for everybody.

So the fairness and the equality and the dream of this utopian future seduces ’em. Look at Venezuela. Avowed socialists today will look at Venezuela, they’ll admit, “Oh, yeah, bad mistake. But that wouldn’t happen here if we get in power.” Why not? “Well, because we have much more money than Venezuela does. But we would do it right.”

They really believe socialism. Even though there is not a single recorded time in human history where socialism has come anywhere near meeting its promises or expectations.  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter.  The right people still haven’t done it. Obama was gonna be the guy that did it, but it turned out… You’ll even hear some of these people say Obama didn’t go far enough left.  But the key ingredient in this is the Democrat Party and its white power structure members joining this movement.

They’re doing it for one reason: Their own continual hold on power they think they have now.  It’s no different… Why do Bill Gates and Warren Buffett constantly, constantly say they are for tax increases on the rich?  Why do they do it?  It keeps the hordes away from their moats.  It’s real simple.  Why did the Kennedys forever adopt the causes of the downtrodden?  To cancel their wealth in the eyes of the downtrodden, make sure that the downtrodden didn’t want to storm the compound and take whatever the Kennedys had.

They’d go get it to somewhere else.  They’d leave the Kennedys alone, leave Bill Gates alone, leave Buffett alone, ’cause they get it.  They’re for tax increases on the rich, and they run around and they criticize the rich and they criticize the power structure.  But whatever the issue is… Climate change? By the way, that’s the next thing to happen.  I’m gonna tell you that Facebook and Twitter are gonna start banning anybody that doesn’t espouse whatever the climate change group demands.

They’re gonna strip any vestige of opposition to what they believe away from Twitter and Facebook, and they’re gonna do it on the basis that they’re getting rid of hate.  That’s right.  They are getting rid of hate.  “Hate” is defined as the natural state of being of the majority.  That’s why you can be a hater even though you don’t hate anybody.  That’s why you can be a hater even though there’s no evidence of you exhibiting it.  You are a hater because, as a member of the majority, you are denying other people what’s rightfully theirs.

This is the way it’s all constructed to justify — in their own minds — what they do.  Of course, it’s obviously much deeper than this, too. But the thing that I still come back to is how in the world do people think that that is going to win a majority? In a presidential race, how does anybody think that’s gonna win?  But then you look at these rabid socialists and the Netroots convention, the crowds that Crazy Bernie draws and so forth?

I still don’t think they could win a presidential race openly avowing what they stand for and what they want.  But they do, and that’s what’s also new about them is that they’re no longer masking it or camouflaging it.  They are right out there in the open telling you who they are and what they are, and what they want: Guaranteed universal income, health care/Medicare for all, food stamps for all, free education for everybody.  That’s gonna win?  Anyway, with the state of education in America, you just never know.


RUSH:  Folks, they also can’t get over the fact that they lost in 2016.  That is also a very animating aspect of their rage and anger, which… Losing? That’s not permitted.  They lost.  They lost to the epitome of what they hate, Donald Trump! (snorts)  You talk about the white majority that they hate? He is it!  They thought they’re gonna win big in a landslide, and they’re just losing their minds.  I mean, David Hogg? You hear about this guy? David Hogg shows up at the NRA to protest with armed security guards.  Camera Hogg shows up to protest the NRA with a bunch of armed security protecting him, and he doesn’t think it’s hypocritical.

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