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RUSH: Here’s an exclusive story. This is from Axios. It’s a Millennial news site. “Bloomberg group warns Trump will appear to win big on election night.” This is a — no, no, no. I’ve not forgotten the caller’s question. Not at all. I just want to deal with this stuff as it has come in.

A top Democrat data firm which goes by the name of Hawkfish is warning that it is highly likely that Trump will appear to be way ahead on election night but could ultimately lose when all the votes are counted in the ensuing days and weeks. Now, what the hell is this? Why the heck would you even run such a story? Because this story dovetails with already established Democrat agendas. It’s gonna be used to promote mail-in voting in addition to absentee. You know, you’ve seen stories out there that, “We may not know on election night who’s gonna win.”

What do you bet we do? I see even people on the other side of the glass looking at me, “No, Rush, no, this is gonna be such a –” Folks, do you realize — I know you do — do you realize how we’re being gaslighted by the American media every day? Do you know what gaslighting is? We’re being lied to constantly by the hour, by the American Drive-By Media. If you’re running around saying, gee, none of this makes any sense, or what the hell is going on? The things you’re being told by the media are at complete odds with what you’re actually seeing with your own eyes.

How many of you are asking yourselves, “Am I crazy?” You’re not crazy. You’re being gaslighted. (clearing throat) Excuse me. Gotta take a sip of something. You’re already — hang on just a second here. (loudly sipping) You gotta do that on the radio to let people know you actually did it otherwise you have dead air. Can’t have dead air. That’s not good. So if you say you’re gonna drink something you gotta make sure people hear you drink it. It’s not being rude. It’s actually respect.

Anyway, how many of you already believe that we’re not gonna know the winner on election night? And you’ve heard it for so long that now it’s fait accompli. We’re not gonna know who won on election night. Speaking of which, speaking of which, I saw it happen yesterday. I’m watching cable news. And here comes a story about the Russians tampering in the 2020 election. And I about lost it. The Democrats — this was in panel discussions on various cable TV shows. The Democrats say that the Russians are already meddling in the 2020 election.

Now, I have what I think is a very sensible question. We have been told, we’ve been lied to every day multiple times a day for the past four years that Trump colluded with Russia. You know the drill. That Trump meddled as the Russians were meddling in our election, and through all of it, there wasn’t one thing we could do to stop it. Did you ever stop to realize that? We were apparently total prisoners.

There’s not a thing we could do to stop it. The Russians were doing this, they were doing that, Trump was helping them. We all know all that was bogus. It was all lies. It was all made up. But here’s the thing. The Democrat Party is now warning that it’s getting ready to happen again. Are you serious? Has nobody done anything in the past four years to prevent this from happening again? If the Democrats and the media — I know, what’s the difference.

If the Democrats and the media all of a sudden want to get everybody alarmed, the Russians are already meddling again in the 2020 election, is it not logical to ask, hasn’t anybody done anything to prevent it? Since we, quote, unquote, know what they did in the 2016 election, is it too much to ask that after four years has gone by that we maybe have taken steps to prevent them from succeeding this time? I know they didn’t succeed the first time ’cause it didn’t happen the first time. I’m being rhetorical in the questions because these people are just bringing this up again out of nowhere as though there’s nothing we can do to stop it, when it didn’t happen in the first place.

Russian meddling was nothing out of the ordinary. Trump did not participate. There was nothing illegal. Trump did not illegally win, all of this. They have done more to tarnish and harm the integrity of the American presidential election system than the Russians and the ChiComs combined could have done. Now they’ve got everybody believing, we’re not gonna know the winner on election night and who knows whatever other lies you are believing because we’re being gaslighted.

Everything you’re told is pretty much a lie or an exaggeration, so much so that they can now start speculating. I think it was The Five on Fox where I saw this, and it may have been some other show. But they were talking about the fact that the Russians are already getting ready do it again, 2020, they’re gonna meddle again.

We haven’t done anything to stop it. There’s nothing we learned. I know, folks, don’t misunderstand. I know all this is rhetorical ’cause it didn’t happen in the first place. My point here is the Democrats need to be called out on this. They can’t simply get away again with claiming the Russians are tampering in the election, they’re doing this as a setup. They know they’re gonna lose is what this is all about. They’re pretty sure they’re gonna lose, and so now they’re setting it up that they were cheated again.

But if you’re gonna do that, it’s a local thing to ask. You Democrats have had hearings, you’ve had testimony, you’ve supposedly gotten to the bottom of it. It was so bad you impeached Trump over it. What have you done to make sure it’s not gonna happen? Bring the intelligence community wizards back in, say, “What have you done in the ensuing four years to make sure the Russians don’t get away with it this time?” ‘Cause they’re still trying to sell the Russians did get away with it.

Now, this to me is a great example of how we’re all being set up and how we’re all being lied to. The American presidential election cannot be tampered with in the way that the Democrats want you to believe. They want you to believe that the Russians have access to voting machines and go in there and change totals willy-nilly, however they want, wherever they want. That’s not possible. Obama himself has even pointed out how tampering with an American presidential election would be nigh onto impossible. Because you wouldn’t know where to go. It’s too complex.

Yet, yet, folks, here we are being told the Russians are at it again. The Russians are at it. You know that the ChiComs are not at it? No. It’s not the ChiComs. The ChiComs apparently are not trying to meddle in our elections, but the Russians are. And apparently we didn’t learn enough to stop them. We are just as vulnerable. We are just as big a bunch of sitting ducks today as we were four years ago. What an absolute crock. And it requires, for this, in their minds, the Democrats and the media to sell this, how stupid must they believe that we are.

I mean, if they had any respect for our collective intelligence and understanding and wherewithal of American politics, they wouldn’t even try this again. But here they are, full-throated, full-fledged. Now we’ve got Axios with this story, “Bloomberg group warns Trump will appear to win big on election night,” in a landslide, in fact. It’s gonna look like Trump’s won in a landslide on election night. But after the votes are all counted, he will ultimately lose. Now, Axios then says, “Why this matters.”

“Way more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans, due to fears of the coronavirus, and it will take days if not weeks to tally these. This means Trump, thanks to Republicans doing almost all of their voting in person, could hold big electoral college and popular vote leads on election night. Imagine America, with its polarization and misinformation, if the vote tally swings wildly toward Joe Biden and Trump loses days later as the mail ballots are counted.”

This is utterly irresponsible. It is a wild guess based on data that is made up. They don’t know who’s gonna vote by mail and who’s not. But you remember what I suggested yesterday? If you’re worried about Democrat cheating, the thing to counter Democrat cheating is to show up in person on Election Day at your polling place and vote. Just swamp, swarm your polling place, everybody show up. If you want to vote absentee, fine. I’m just suggesting show up in person.

It will throw their exit poll models out of whack. It will scare the hell out of them on the turnout side ’cause there’s no way to measure turnout in mail balloting, for example. There’s no way to measure turnout with absentee. But you can measure turnout by actually counting the number of people that show up. And I think it would put the fear of God into these people if there is a massive Republican turnout at polling places on Election Day.

A top Democrat data firm, Hawkfish, warns that it’s highly likely Trump will appear to be a landslide winner on election night. Do you realize they’re admitting this? Isn’t it funny, the Republicans always win on election night, then they lose in the days and weeks after. And this is what they’re now saying is likely to happen. They’re gonna win on election night but lose weeks later. If you strip all that away, what Axios is saying here and what this group Hawkfish is saying is that Trump’s gonna win and in a landslide. And they know this, and it’s big.

So now they gotta somehow keep the troops motivated on their side. And this is classic gaslighting here, folks. If you’ve wondered what the term means. (interruption) No, no. I have not forgotten to answer — this is what happens. I get stuff ready to go, and then all of a sudden here comes something, usually an email or some other way I get informed while the program is underway, and I have to deal with it.

I got a whole Stack of Stuff like this that I didn’t catch at all during the first hour of the program. Here’s another. Governor Inslee — this would be Governor Jay Inslee. His middle name palooka. The guy looks like a palooka to me. Anyway, he’s the governor of the state of Washington. He is refusing an in-person debate with his Republican opponent. You know what I think is gonna happen? I think we’re seeing a forerunner. I think every Democrat candidate is going to refuse to debate their Republican challenger. I think that’s how they are going to get Plugs able to renege on his debates with Trump. Inslee is already doing it.

“Incumbent Governor Jay [palooka] Inslee refuses to debate Republican challenger Loren Culp in-person,” says a source with the Washington State Debate Coalition. … Instead, Inslee’s team is angling for a digital debate over Zoom, where he can participate from his home.”
See, it’s all about the coronavirus. But what this really is all about is paving the way for Joe Biden to be able to renege and not have to show up and debate Trump. ‘Cause they can’t — look. Grab sound bite number 1 again. This is Joe Biden reading the teleprompter yesterday in Pittsburgh with five people in the room. Only five people in the room. And they’re all separated by six or 12 feet from each other. And here is Biden reading from the prompter.

BIDEN: Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump? COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year —

RUSH: What?

BIDEN: Look. Here’s — the lives — it’s just — I mean, think about it.

RUSH: Come on, man.

BIDEN: More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.

RUSH: (Biden impression) “Come on, man, I’m gonna take you outside out back and I’m gonna whoop you. Come on, man.” Do you think they’re gonna let that loose on the debate stage? (interruption). No. You’ve been screening so you haven’t heard this. Governor Inslee is refusing to debate his Republican opponent.

I think every incumbent Democrat is gonna refuse to debate, be it governor, be it dogcatcher, be it town council, be it garbage collector, be it senator, be it member of Congress, be it statehouse, the Democrats are gonna refuse all debates because of coronavirus or the Republicans don’t deserve the honor. The Republicans are illegitimate and, like Pelosi said, we don’t need to legitimize what Republicans think and so no debates. And that clears the way for Biden not having to. I think that’s what we’re seeing unfold before our very eyes.


RUSH: We’ve got the Axios sound bites here to go along with the story. They’re basically conceding… This is last night on HBO. Axios has a show on HBO, and they’re conceding here… Stop and think of this. It’s all part of the gaslighting. They’re conceding that Trump is going to win the election on election night and by a landslide, but that it won’t be over.

MENDELSOHN: We are sounding alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility that the data is going to show on Election Night an incredible victory for Donald Trump. That is likely to be what we see. When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be someday after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on Election Night was exactly that: A mirage. It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted.

RUSH: This is just unbelievable. Classic gaslighting. They’re making it up! There’s no way of knowing any of this,. This is just models. It’s just projections. It’s just this Democrat firm, Hawkfish, using whatever their supposed expertise is. This is predicting the future, and look at how certain! These people engaging in ontological certitude here. “Trump’s gonna win big on election night, but when all the votes are counted, it ain’t gonna be the way it ends up.”

So Margaret Talev said, “How do you build your modeling? How are you basing all of these projections?”

MENDELSOHN: Twice as many voters intend to cast a ballot by now than have ever before. They are disproportionately Joe Biden supporters. When you have those prototypical, uhh, cable news talking head moments, uh, it’s gonna show Donald Trump in the lead in a lot of key places on election night. So a state like Pennsylvania, Florida. It’s (unintelligible) by just a couple points! If you were to essentially average battleground states polling, Joe Biden appears to be ahead by about 8%, and so when you start accounting for that in your meddling you see that 8% lead —

RUSH: Do you, folks, realize what you’re listening to here?

MENDELSOHN: — kind of whittle down a little, and a little bit more, and a little bit more. We might have the result saying something on the evening of November 3rd that it will not say the evening of November 10th.

RUSH: You are listening to absolute drivel. I mean, it’s literally made up. And they’re admitting that they are doing modeling, projections. “Uh, yeah, uhh, when you start accounting for that in your modeling you will see the 8% lead kind of whittle down, because the vast majority of people voting by mail will be Joe Biden supporters.” How do they know? I mean, they think they know this.


RUSH: I’m gonna tell you what else this is, folks. This story from Axios that they publicized on their HBO show last night — stop and think. You gotta listen to this through the eyes and ears of your average leftist who’s already half out of their minds or your minds because they just hate Trump, they despise Trump, they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump. They’re out of their minds with their failures. They’re literally out of their minds.

Now on top of that, here comes Axios, a website and news source you believe as a card-carrying leftist radical and they’re telling you that on election night Donald Trump is going to appear to win in a landslide, your day has just been ruined, your year has just been ruined. That’s the last thing you want to hear. And your own people are telling you this. And then here comes the cherry on top. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Because 10 days later after we’ve counted all of the mail-in ballots, then Trump is gonna lose, and Trump’s gonna lose big.

Now, what this is is a big-time five-alarm fire warning. Axios and the Drive-By Media are warning the radical leftists in the Democrat Party, anybody and everybody that’s gonna vote that they’re gonna have to work even harder on the fraud side to beat Trump. For example, this is coded language. Ballot harvesting is going to have to be much bigger, much more aggressive than even it was in California in previous elections.

So this is a major warning. I told you yesterday that the internal polls on the Biden campaign must be horrible, and this is evidence. Those internal polls must be worse than we even imagined, because that’s exactly what this is. This is a dire warning. And it’s also an attempt to make sure that their troops don’t go insane on election night.

So it’s a warning, “Look. Election night, it’s gonna appear Trump has won in a landslide, but don’t worry. The election isn’t gonna be over on election night. No, no, no. Vote by mail as many times as you can. By the time we count all those votes, Trump is gonna lose. It’s a psychological assist. It’s a psychological warning. Folks, it’s worse than they imagined.

And by the way, how many of you — I know there’s no way of answering — how many of you have become convinced that Trump is gonna lose in a landslide, independent of all this that we have just learned today? Just in the normal ebb and flow, we got the virus, oh, no, the economy, regardless the virus, the economy is so bad, people in charge during bad things oftentimes get blamed, there’s no way Trump can win. How many of you are telling yourselves this? How many of you are watching the Drive-By Media pretty much saying it’s wrapped up, it’s over with, Biden’s up by 10, he’s up by 8, he’s up by 12. How many of you are you convinced Trump’s gonna lose, already has lost?

The usual complaints finally have taken root. Yeah, all these past four years, all of a sudden now everybody hates Trump’s tweets, oh, yeah, we finally got to get Trump out of there, people hate Trump’s tweets and they hate the fact that Trump is mean and all of this stuff that never touched Trump for three and a half years now all of a sudden is going to lead to his demise and defeat.

They have been making it all up as they go, the polls and all this. Now they’re getting scared. They’re sending out a warning that election night’s gonna look really, really, really bad. Remember Hillary saying, “Joe, whatever you do, don’t concede.” Remember that? Don’t concede. Don’t concede. Remember Michelle Obama and Barack Hussein O Obama, “Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, whatever you do, vote, vote, vote, vote,” during the Democrat convention.

I kept saying, you got it in the bag. You guys are up eight. You’re up 10. You’re up 12. What do you mean, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote? Didn’t go together. The things that they were saying about the election didn’t make sense since a bunch of people thought they already had it in the bag. And here’s Hillary saying, “Whatever you do, Joe, don’t concede. Never, ever concede. Don’t concede. Don’t concede.”

Now, people thought that Hillary was trying to share from her experience with Biden. That’s not what was going on. If Axios knows that it’s gonna look like a Trump landslide win on election night, they all know this. And by extension, they all now know what they’re going to have to do with mail-in ballots and whatever other examples of fraud you can come up with. Because on election night itself, it’s going to be appear to be devastating.

Now they’re out there saying, now everybody’s all of a sudden saying we won’t know the winner on election night. Didn’t Donald Trump catch holy hell for saying that if we vote by mail we won’t know who won for days, for weeks? Remember when Trump said that? He said we may not know on Inauguration Day who’s won if we allow this. And they mocked him, and they laughed at him, and they made fun of him like they always do. And it turns out now they are echoing what Trump said.

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