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RUSH: It’s not just Joe Manchin that’s upset out there, ladies and gentlemen, to find out that his constituents are gonna be sent over wherever to disarm “abandoned land mines,” according to Kommie Harris. Now we have trending on Twitter the hashtag #BidenLied. #BidenLied. See, what happened is, Biden promised everybody they were gonna get $2,000 checks as soon as he was sworn in. That was gonna be his COVID policy.

And, of course, there have not been any $2,000 checks cut nor distributed. Here’s what Biden said January 4, 2021, in Atlanta.

BIDEN: This is not an exaggeration! Georgia, the whole nation is looking to you! If you send Jon and the reverend to Washington, those $2,000 juh… checks will go out the door restoring hope and decency and honor for so many people who are struggling right now!

RUSH: There you have it. Except the checks haven’t materialized, and so there now is a hashtag trending on Twitter, #BidenLied.” You know, Jack Dorsey, you’re gonna have to shut that down. You can’t have that out there. Do you realize they’re gonna be struggling in terms of coming at how to deal with this?

Because they’re not set up for people to be angry at Democrats or angry at the American left. They don’t have a program for that. So Rasputin Jack is gonna have to come up with something here to protect Biden. That’s gonna have to happen. They can’t let this thing continue to expand. They can’t let this continue to trend.

Larry Kudlow was on Varney & Co. today, the Fox Business Network. I just want to play this. It’s a quick bite, because it is right-on-the-money true.

KUDLOW: Everyone tells me there’s an economic crisis. There is not an economic crisis. Guess what there is?

VARNEY: Guess what, Larry?

KUDLOW: There was a lockdown in California and New York. The rest of the economy basically is a V-shaped recovery.

RUSH: But California and New York are huge parts of the economy, and Kudlow is right. There is not an economic crisis. There is a lockdown (or was) in California and in New York. The rest of the economy is basically a V-shaped recovery. They kept California and New York shut down, locked down on purpose to negatively impact economic statistics so that growth would be seen as far slower and less than it actually is, or would be if these two states were open.

So, California has decided to open up but now ban televisions in bars. If you’re a bar owner, can you imagine? The first thing you hear is, “Oh, I can reopen? All right! All right! My God, this is wonderful.” And then two days later, you’re told that you cannot turn your TV sets on in the bar, starting this week, and continuing through at least this next Sunday for the Super Bowl.

Imagine if you’re a bar owner and that’s what you’re hit with in California.

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