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RUSH: Well, right here it is, folks. Right here is an example of one of the things that I have been attempting to convince, persuade, bludgeon people with for a number of years. Right here is the existing proof. Not that any of you need the proof; don’t misunderstand. I think all of you are in this the most educated, erudite audience in all of media — and I mean that.

I don’t think there’s a more informed or educated audience in all of media than you. Who is the most ill-informed? I’d say the NPR crowd is probably the most ill-informed. The New York Times is probably the most ill-informed media audience out there. I really think so. Look at four years of abject lies on Trump-Russia collusion, and you know something?

Conservative Treehouse today, which is a bright, relatively new — and it’s not new, but compared to some of the other conservative blogs out there it is. They have a piece today that’s right on the money. It’s by the writer there named Sundance. Everybody involved in it knew! They knew it was a hoax. They knew it was fraudulent.

They knew that they were participating in an illegal attempt to overturn the election results of 2016. They knew, for example, that Robert Mueller had two objectives: To continue the investigation, fraudulent though it was, in order to accomplish the second objective, and that is to cover up the illegality of what everybody was doing. Now, I know you say, “Well, Rush, you’ve said that.”

Yes, I have said that. That’s fine. I’m just telling you, the way this guy wrote the piece today, it’s persuasive. Everybody knew. “But, Rush…” I know I’ve said it, but I’m telling you, it’s a direct way of pointing everybody involved in it knew it — including John Durham, including Bill Barr. They all knew what was going on here.

They all knew that Mueller didn’t have a case; they all knew there wasn’t any collusion. But the fact is, for four years people that read the New York Times or watch CNN believed the exact opposite. They literally believed the exact opposite. Remember how depressed and disjointed they were when the Mueller report came out and said, “Nothing to see here”?

And you noticed that Barr jumped in real quickly to make sure that was the take, ’cause he knew — he knew, they all knew — what this was. That makes this even worse than it was. But just for the context of informed and ill-informed media audiences, the people that paid attention to that story alone, you would have to say, are the most uninformed/ill-informed media in the audience in the country — compared to you, who are the most informed.


RUSH: Now, what is this big story that proves something I’ve been telling you? Let’s first recount what it is that I’ve been telling you. I’ve been telling you as a means of explaining the Washington establishment — the structure of elites, the deep state, whatever terms you use to describe this collection of people. One of the things I’ve pointed out is that once you have membership, that you’re taken care of.

Your kids taken care of. Your kids’ futures are, for the most part (unless you really screw up), guaranteed. Your kids’ economic future is pretty much guaranteed. And you will be protected. If you break the law, if you go outside the contour, the confrontations of the law, you will be protected — as long as you’re doing the work of the club, as long as you’re doing the work of the deep state.

These kinds of perks make the club of elites much more preferable to just going it on your own with the rest of the middle class out there in this massively gigantic competition that most Americans think they’re engaged in. But when you come to the deep state and talk about the elites, there is no competition with the middle class because, guess what?

The middle class is who is under assault in all of this. The middle class is who’s taking it on the chin. And college campuses? Why, the denial of free speech, the woke and cancel culture? Who is it? It’s the middle class that is being attacked and dwindling. Well, here’s the headline. Remember Peter Strzok Smirk? He had the affair out there with Lisa Page.

They’re both FBI lawyers, and she said (summarized), “Please…” (sobbing) It’s a text message exchange back and forth. “Please, tell me he’s not gonna win. Please tell me Trump’s not gonna win!” Strzok: “Don’t worry, Lisa. (kissing sounds) It’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna have a backup plan. We’re gonna have…” What did he call it? He had a name for his backup plan. “We’re gonna have a plan. Don’t worry. It isn’t gonna happen. The guy is not gonna win.”

Trump won.

Headline: Biden “Just Made Peter Strzok’s Wife a Top SEC Official.” (interruption) “Insurance plan.” Insurance, yeah. “We’re gonna have an insurance plan. Don’t worry, Lisa. Trump isn’t gonna win. If he does, we have an insurance plan,” and we’ve now seen the insurance plan. “President Joe Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced it hired Melissa Hodgman,” who is the wife of Peter Strzok, “to lead the agency as its acting director of the Division of Enforcement last week. …

“Hodgman, according to the agency press release, has been with the SEC since 2008 as a longtime bureaucrat engaging in a wide range of litigation.” And you go to the end of the story: “Hodgman … is also married to … Peter Strzok, made famous for his role in the FBI’s deep-state Crossfire Hurricane operation, which featured a witch hunt investigation that sought to incriminate President Donald Trump.”

That story is from The Federalist in case you’re wondering why it’s written fairly. So Strzok Smirk is paid off on two things. He’s paid off on having the affair. It was worth it to his wife to stick with him. Look what she got. She got a big promotion at the SEC.

And it’s worth it to Strzok Smirk because his wife was taken care of. He maintained his loyalty, he never once caved, and the deep state has moved in and taken care of him. Here is a companion story. Devin Nunes: “Looks like Peter Strozk is actually going to get reimbursed for all of his troubles.”

Devin Nunes on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo “criticized the appointment of Melissa Hodgman, the wife of former FBI agent and Russia investigation head Peter Strzok, to a key government position” at the SEC. He said, quote, “Looks like Peter Strzok is actually going to get reimbursed for all of his troubles.” That’s how Devin Nunes sees it.

“The guy lost his job, but nothing’s happened to him at this point. He’s still an occasional on-air commentator from cable news.” Nunes said, “The guy’s wife [Melissa Hodgman] could be a great public servant, for all I know. But if you look at the larger picture, the Russia hoaxers, the people that were pushing this out from the very beginning and lying about it after the fact, they’re all at the top echelons of the Biden administration.”

And this, we also predicted, was one of the reasons why the Democrats had to win the 2020 presidential election, which was to protect all of these people who had behaved illegally — knowingly, willingly behaved illegally. They were gonna be taken care of, and they are being taken care of. Just like we had the story last week of Clinesmith.

Clinesmith got no jail time for forging an email to the FISA court about Carter Page. He literally changed an email and made it up, lying about Carter Page and his supposed engagement in illegal activities as a Russian agent. And nobody can figure out, “Where is the FISA court. Why is the FISA court not upset that this was done?” Folks, who we talking about here?

There’s not… It’s sad to say. I mean, the idea that there’s an independent judiciary out there is a bit all of stretch. It’s more understandable to understand that the people involved in this knew everything. They knew everything was a hoax. They knew everything was made up. They knew everything was not true as it was being disseminated to the American public.

And yet they continued the spread and dissemination of the story regardless. So Strzok Smirk’s wife could very well be responsible for investigating those little smelly Reddit people — those “normalish” Reddit people — who decided to sell short on GameShape, GameShow, Game whatever it is. (interruption)

Game what? (interruption) GameStop. Right. I had four voices shouting at me at the same time. One voice is all I need. GameStop, yeah. So she could end up being the agent in charge of — or, in an ancillary way, involved — in it. Peter Strzok Smirk also got a book deal. I remember when that happened, whoa. But it all just makes total sense.


RUSH: Let me grab Paul here in Tucson, Arizona. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking the call. Yeah, mega, mega prayers and appreciation for everything you do.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, last week you were talking about Republicans not being able to — or not knowing how to — use power when they’ve got it. And now we see the Democrats, you know, taking care of all these lawmakers who were participating in the coup. One thing I’ve been frustrated for four years about, and I know you have, too, basic question:

Why did Trump allow the Trump FBI and the Trump Justice Department to go after Trump people and put Trump people in jail, and therefore be on the defensive his entire administration in the media? I’ve tried to explain the details of the coup that you brought out, other conservative talk show people have brought out, all the emails, everything. My Democrat friends and relatives, even, respond by saying, “Well, if it’s the Democrats that are so corrupt, why are the Republicans the ones going to jail?” I don’t understand why Trump allowed this to happen. The presidency controls the administration —

RUSH: Okay. I’m gonna tell you something. Let me answer your question. You may not believe the answer. Trump may have been the only one who didn’t know, and the reason that Trump didn’t know is because he just couldn’t accept it. You’re president of the United States. You’ve offered administration jobs to a number of people. You can’t…

You don’t believe that every damn one of them is corrupt and is working against you. But I am telling you that he… (sigh) I think they mishandled this thing from the get-go. I think it was illegitimate from the get-go, but they didn’t treat it that way. They treated it as a legitimate investigation. They allowed the premise of this to be set by Mueller and Comey and Obama and Biden and Brennan and Clapper and all that.

And the premise was that Trump was illegitimate, that he had stolen the election, worked for the Soviets. So that’s become what everybody discusses. Trump should never have allowed that to become the premise. But once that happened, then the whole thing that everybody’s arguing about is a gigantic hole in the wall. There’s nothing there, and yet everybody’s talking about it and trying to win points and persuade people based on that.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But the answer is, it was never Trump’s FBI. It was the other FBI that was doing what they were doing, and Trump didn’t think that such a thing was possible. He didn’t think that such an opposition could be so massive in scale.

CALLER: Right. Yeah, the whole time I watched, I thought he could have turned it around. I mean, he even used the phrase “dirty cops” and “witch hunt.” The only way (audio drops) that narrative around was to have his people investigate the other side and actually —

RUSH: But even that investigator, Durham?


RUSH: Durham knows. Everybody involved in this knew from the beginning that it was, for lack of a better word, a hoax. It was all made up. Everybody involved knew it. Look, I’ve got… I appreciate the call. There are two answers here. The first one is the answer I just gave you about the competition in America today is the elites versus the middle class.

Everybody has suspected for the life of America that the elites welcome the middle class; that the elite, they might have made fun of them, and they might have scorned them, but everybody understood that in the American economic system you need a middle class. That’s where the majority of the money is in total, and the fact that everybody in the middle class is starting small businesses and hiring people, that’s good for the country.

That’s not the case anymore. The middle class is the target, and look at what the deep state has secured. They own the media. They own Hollywood. They own Big Tech. They own education. They own popular culture. In their view, they’ve won. In their view, they own everything. There’s no reason now to need the middle class. There’s no reason to put on airs or to act like you care about people in the middle class.

Because they think that they’ve essentially succeeded in controlling everybody in the middle class. They think they’ve won. That’s why they’re gonna do everything they can to make sure future elections are irrelevant. So the second answer to this is that everybody involved in this whole thing knew it was bogus and made up from the beginning. Everybody knew that Mueller wasn’t investigating jack.

Because everybody knew there was nothing to find. Everybody involved knew that Mueller’s purpose was to make it look like there was a legitimate investigation in order to cover up the fact that everybody knew this thing was a total scam, the design of which was to get rid of Donald Trump. Let me try to be even more detailed when we come back.


RUSH: So I mentioned earlier in the program a piece today at the Conservative Treehouse by Sundance, who’s one of the writers there. That’s how he goes by, “Sundance,” The Last Refuge. And the point of his piece here is to explain just how deep the corruption is in our government, whatever you want to call it.

Again, whether you want to call it the deep state, you want to call it the elites, the establishment, it is near complete, this corruption. “Start from the position that everyone knew the purpose and intents of Robert Mueller, including people very close to President Trump, and then you start to realize just how brutally corrupt this D.C. system is.

“President Trump was satiated by people who knew Robert Mueller was protecting all of those who tried, and failed, to keep him out of office and then hamstring him once he entered the system.” In other words, Trump was served by, “satiated,” satisfied by people who knew that Mueller was protecting all the people that tried with Crossfire Hurricane or any other operation to get rid of Trump.

“Everybody knew.”

Everybody knew the purpose of Robert Mueller. Everybody knew why he was named, and it wasn’t to find anything. There was nothing to find! Trump had not colluded with the Russians. Not once, not ever. Not in his mind, not in his dreams. It never happened. It wasn’t to find that. It was to create the illusion of looking for that, while the real purpose — protecting those who tried to run this coup — from being found out.

“No one did not know. The only difference is… some were active participants, and some … just sat silent to the cover-up operation. That reality is why the FISA court did not react to Kevin Clinesmith aggressively.” He was lying. Everybody knew that this was not an investigation. I’m gonna tell you something. I alluded to this moments ago.

Every time I talked to the president about this, it was within the confines of he thought it was a legitimate investigation. I have to tell you… (sigh) Look, I can’t betray his confidence. But I’ll just tell you, I talked ’til I was blue in the face trying to convince him there was no legitimate investigation here. “You didn’t do it, right? You didn’t do it.” “No.”

“Okay. They know this.” Everybody knows he didn’t do this. You remember hearing him talk about it at press conferences. He was talking about it within the context of, “It’s a bogus investigation; there’s nothing to it.” But he legitimized it by accepting the premise that it was a legitimate investigation. It never was.

“Robert Mueller had two goals as special counsel. Goal #1 was to continue the fraudulent DOJ/FBI ‘Stop Trump’ operation initiated by James Comey, Andrew McCabe and their crew technically named Crossfire Hurricane. Goal #2 was to bury the illegal action,” which was pretty much all of this; “to create the cover-up needed for everything that took place in the ‘Stop Trump’ operation. It is the second goal that most people never…” came to grips with.


RUSH: Well, what’s the alternative? I have some people saying (I checked the email during the break), “Rush there’s no way Trump didn’t know.” Okay. So Trump also knew that Mueller was bogus. Trump knew there was nothing there. I mean, he knew it, yes. He was the guy about whom they were lying. He was the guy about whom they were accusing all these things. He knows he didn’t do it.

But I guarantee you… How can I say this? I gotta… He knows he didn’t do it, but nevertheless, he still didn’t oppose them from the standpoint that they were the ones who were illegitimate, not him. There was nothing to find. There was no evidence. But he’s got his lawyers telling him that the fastest way to make this go away is to cooperate. Remember?

John Dowd, some of these other guys, said, “The fastest way to make it go away is to cooperate, Mr. President.” Remember, everybody knew. I maintain to you that everybody knew but Trump, and I can make the case that it’s understandable that he wouldn’t know. I mean, he knew that he didn’t do it. But I don’t think, especially at the outset…

After a while, of course, he knew. But I don’t think at the outset and for the first months of this he thought it was anything but illegitimate. And he tried to defeat it on the basis it was illegitimate, if you recall. And what we were up against was that Trump was left with the antithesis of the American judicial system’s premise, which is that the accused never have to prove they didn’t do it ’cause it isn’t possible in many cases.

It is always up to the accuser to prove you did it. The prosecutor has to prove you did it. You do not have to prove your innocence. Sometimes it’s a great way of being acquitted, but it’s not a bedrock principle of our system. Yet Trump went about attempting to prove he didn’t do it. It was the equivalent of OJ looking for the “real killers.”

There weren’t any “real killers,” and there weren’t any to find. Trump did not collude. There was no collusion to find. And yet, think back. Every news story about this investigation was how “there’s new evidence that has been found, a new leak, a new statement from an anonymous source.” They just kept adding one lie on top of another one. And that lie was reacted to by Trump and his inner circle.

But there was never anything there.

“Mueller had two goals” to continue the quasi-investigation and to create the cover-up needed for everything that took place in the investigation. “It is the second goal that most people never reconciled; however, it is also that second goal that’s the most important. Everyone in D.C.,” everybody in Washington, “knew Mueller’s objective. Every person in every branch of government and every federal agency knew Mueller’s real purpose.”

It was to protect the behavior of the people who were breaking the law, the investigators. “When you accept what Mueller’s objective was, I mean really accept it, then and only then can you move to the second part of that awakening.” This is Sundance writing at the Conservative Treehouse. “Everyone else knew exactly what that purpose was, including AG Bill Barr and [Inspector General] Michael Horowitz. They all knew.”

It was to protect the behavior of the people who were literally breaking the law in this quasi, phony investigation. Now, in a general sense, “people accept that Mueller Inc was in place to target Trump.” Let’s look at the American people. Folks, vast majority of the American people think that investigation was legit. They think it was a legitimate premise.

Yeah, Trump might have stolen the election. Yeah. Let’s look into it. Trump might have colluded with the Russians. Yeah. Let’s look into it. There was never any evidence of the kind, never! They never had a stinking bit of evidence, and everybody thought the investigation was legit. That was Mueller’s purpose. “[P]eople accept that Mueller Inc was in place to target Trump.

“However, the lesser admitted reality is that Mueller was in place to cover for the branches, agencies and institutions that were part of the originating targeting. All leaks to the media, by any[body] — including the special counsel, were purposeful with this goal in mind. All information released was done purposefully with this goal in mind. All action taken by those in support of the Mueller unit were taken with full knowledge of what that second goal and intent was.”

Protect behavior of the investigators.

“No-one [in Washington] was ever unaware of the purpose of Robert Mueller.” But now you have to ask, was Trump aware? Or did Trump think that it was a legitimate investigation, but bogus because he knew he didn’t do it? But he’s got these people investigating. He’s gotta do what he can to show them that they’re wrong. If there’s just even a tinge of that, then he’s accepted the premise, which I think happened.

“That list of everyone,” by the way, let’s put some names to it: “Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, Chuck Grassley, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Susan Rice, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Mitch McConnell, every member of the Senate intel committee,” every damn one of them, “every member of the House intel committee … and yes, including John Durham and every member of every DOJ office everywhere.

“The legislative branch knew. The judicial branch knew. The executive branch knew. The FISA court knew… All of the insiders knew the Mueller probe was one big vacuum to suck up all of the evidence that would have exposed a corrupt system to We the People.” That’s what everybody knew. That means the corruption… If everybody in the media knew… This is like…

In fact, this is the part of the story that I had the biggest problem with when I would talk to anybody about it and start down my road of, “Folks, this thing is totally illegitimate. There’s not a shred of evidence. There never has been. We know that Hillary Clinton did this!” You notice how that fell on a bunch of deaf ears all those years, all those months?

The fact of Hillary’s involvement fell on deaf ears.

Nobody was interested.

Hillary Clinton was one of those designed to be protected, and Comey signaled that by exonerating her on her email crimes. Anyway, the reason why this remains important is because why now we have a president in exile who now the deep state is doing everything they can to ensure he will never be able to run for office again on the basis of an abject hoax and illegitimate coup — if there is such a thing as a legitimate coup.

I mean, it’s just — and you put on top of this that everybody knew. So now the deep state, the left, whatever, they are coalescing their power now, folks. They’re putting it all together. They’ve got the media. They’ve got Big Tech. They’ve got the search engines. They’ve got popular culture. They’ve got practically every tentacle that reaches into the general population. They control it, and what are they doing with it?

They are obliterating America’s past, among other things. They are literally attempting to wipe out our past. All of these statues from the Civil War era and beyond, all of these supposedly offensive statues, we can’t have those! They’re tearing them down. They are simply literally attempting to rewrite or expunge the history of one of the most legitimate nations in the history of humanity.

They’re attempting to wipe it out so that future Americans will never know the real truth of their country. What are they gonna be taught? How racist and bigoted America was. How unfair America was. How bigoted were the founders, how they were racists. An entirely different, totally made-up history of America is being prepared — and we don’t have much time for the pushback.

The big question is, “When and how big will be the pushback?” ’cause I’m gonna tell you, no country on earth can survive obliterating its past like we’re doing. Did you hear what happened in San Francisco recently? Forty — 40, four zero — San Francisco schools were renamed if they had a name of one of the founders. Franklin school, gone. Washington school, gone. Jefferson school, gone. Forty different schools.

Next you call up for opening the border to anybody that wants to get in, while you nullify federal immigration law, or you are allowed to destroy people’s lives for “free expression.” In other words, you’re Black Lives Matter or you’re Antifa? You’re allowed to destroy Portland, you’re allowed destroy Seattle or Minneapolis, because you’re engaging in legitimate protest. So there’s gonna be a reaction to this; we just don’t know if the country’s changed enough, we don’t know if the reaction to it will be big, if it’ll be one at all.

We just don’t know.


RUSHL Naugatuck, Connecticut, Jim you’re next. Welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: How are you? Thanks for taking my call. Mega prayers, Rush. You’re a voice of reason in a time of what seems like mega darkness here.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Is there anybody in D.C. that is law and order and can… These people need to be indicted. It’s amazing to me. I think the ends justifies the means with this Biden thing, Biden as the president. I just think that, and no matter what this guy has to get in, and I don’t believe he’s our real president. Nobody goes to jail on their side, nobody gets indicted. Where are they? Lindsey Graham turned out to be a phony and Barr —

RUSH: You gotta be real careful on this. My job here is to protect all of you. You have been warned about this, not going down this road.

CALLER: It’s disgusting to me. But for four years, though, we went down the road on lies and made up deception and $40 million of our tax dollars and we can’t… It’s disgusting. Where are the decent politicians fighting for America and fighting for law and order? People need to be indicted. The Clappers, the Comeys.

RUSH: It’s not gonna happen. We’ve learned that. Look, when we saw on you nothing is gonna happen to Clinesmith — and that really wasn’t the first one. When we saw that nothing’s gonna happen to McCabe, nothing’s gonna happen to Strzok. The Mueller investigation succeed. Its purpose was to protect the behavior of those who engaged in this investigation. It was not an investigation. There was no investigation necessary. There was no collusion. There was no evidence, there was none, not a shred of it. And you ask how deep is it? It’s deep. The corruption is deep. Everybody knew.

CALLER: It’s sad, and we realize it. Even now at the end —

RUSH: It’s deeper than we knew. It’s deeper than we were prepared to accept.

CALLER: — Rush, and thank God for you for voice of reason —

RUSH: Well, I didn’t stop it, did I? See, there’s nobody that stopped it. Not a single person was able to stop it, even though there were a bunch of people that knew exactly what was going on. It was right in front of our faces and we knew it — and I, for one, accused them of the same things I’m saying today. I didn’t stop ’em. Not that a voice on the radio would; don’t misunderstand. The way they look at things, there’s nobody that can stop them.

I mean, they run everything.

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