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MARK: The Rush Limbaugh Show on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Let’s go to John in Sonora, California — possible Sonora, California. (chuckles) John, great to have you with us. I think rose four inches in the air on that pronunciation. What’s on your mind today, John?

CALLER: Well, Mark, from my bride and me, we love you dearly. Linda really got me going on you, and you’re incredible. There’s nobody better than you with your wit and your humor and you’re —

MARK: Let’s… Let’s not get into that, John. I’m honored to be here.

CALLER: Well, you are.

MARK: It’s such a great privilege to have sat in for Rush through all these years.

CALLER: From my bride and me, Linda, our deepest and sincerest condolences to Kathryn. America has lost a huge chunk of her heart. But yet, he is still with us, and he will be eternally. Rush always said that he has talent on loan from God, and there has to be a little correction there. That talent that he has, Heavenly Father has blessed him with that eternally. He will always have it.

In 1993, August, I had a single coronary bypass, and our daughter, Tanya Lynn, called me and said, “Papa, you gotta turn the radio on and listen to Rush Limbaugh. He is incredible. You and he think exactly alike.” And I did, and we’ve listened to him ever since. What an incredible man. He has given so much to this nation, and I feel so honored to have known who he is. He and Clarence Thomas are my two big heroes. Incredible men.

MARK: Thank you very much for that, John. That is the last word. We couldn’t put it any better than that — “incredible” — and that brilliant knack that millions of people found. “Suddenly, there’s someone on the radio talking exactly like I think, as nobody has done through all the decades beforehand.” Thank you for that, John.

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