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TODD: Barack Obiden has decided to bomb Syria after Jen “Circle Back” Psaki talked about Trump’s “dangerously militarized foreign policy,” and, of course, there’s no one from the left who’s going after this.

But you remember there’s another story that Rush had shared with us. Now that Barack Obama controls the White House, he went back to bombing Middle Eastern countries. You will probably remember Rush’s story about Ron Silver.

If not, here’s a reminder.

RUSH: You all remember in 1992, the week prior to the inauguration of Slick Willie, Clinton scheduled all kinds of events on the Washington Mall — parties and events. One of the things that Clinton scheduled was a flyover of military jets, and there was an actor by the name of Ron Silver. Ron Silver got mad as hell. He said, “What the hell is that? We don’t do that! We’re flying jets over Washington? What the hell?”

Somebody had to calm him down and say, “Ron, those are our jets now.” “Oh, yeah!” So when the Democrats are in, “Those are our jets. They used to be Reagan’s jets and they were Bush’s jets. They weren’t ours. But now they’re our jets!” It’s an indication right there. Ron Silver later became a great conservative before he passed away.

TODD: If your foreign policy is dependent upon who is doing the bombing, you don’t have a foreign policy, and Rush shared with us all these years about the Democrats and the arrogant way they used the military, exploration projects and wars that they sponsored. But so many of them had nothing to do with putting America First. We have now…

Rush, what about this? We have now a president who has announced that America is not first, and I think to this day, right…? This is a… You realize this is our first full week without America’s Real Anchorman. This is the first full week since Rush has gone to heaven. I would love to hear a monologue today about Syria and a reminder of how the Democrats actually enjoy using the military in this fashion once they get into office.

I remember Rush’s monologue about Barack Obama’s interview. Do you remember what Obama bragged about being good at killing people? Do you remember this? I think it was in Rolling Stone where he was talking about droning people and it turned out he was really good at this.

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