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TODD: Brian in Shawnee, Kansas, joins us on Rush’s show. Brian, it’s Todd Herman filling in. And you have a Rush and Kathryn story?

CALLER: I sure do. About 10 or 11 years ago I got a phone call. The number was blocked. So I didn’t want to answer it. “I don’t know who you are.”

TODD: (snort)

CALLER: That went on for several days. Eventually they gave up on me and they left a voice mail. It was Rush and Kathryn letting me know I’d won a contest.

TODD: Oh! Wow.


TODD: And you missed the call.

CALLER: I missed the call. One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

TODD: (laughing) So, you did not get to speak with them?

CALLER: I did not.

TODD: Wow.

CALLER: Later, one of their representatives called me and told me everything I won, and it was huge. The great part of it was next year I got a check for several thousand dollars saying, “This is to pay the taxes on what we gave you last year.”


CALLER: Who does that?

TODD: Rush and Kathryn paid the taxes on what they gave you?

CALLER: First-class people. One of the best times of my life, one of the worst times of my life. I didn’t get to talk to ’em.

TODD: So what would you have said?

CALLER: I would have told them what a big fan I am —

TODD: Yeah?

CALLER: — and how much the Rush universe means, and now I’d like to give my condolences to the entire Rush universe, Todd.

TODD: Yeah. Yeah, a lot of people are feeling that way. Listen, I had an experience when my father passed that has inserted in me a knowledge that I met my father’s spirit. I know it. It’s not even debatable for me. I know what happened. I was lucid and awake, and I do believe that Rush accepted the will of God and he did it with grace.

In fact, he did it with humor. (laughter) He did it with grace and humor, and he did it with dignity, and he did it with optimism. And he did what he loved until the moment that he couldn’t, and that’s exactly what Rush said. “I will do this program until I cannot.” So, I do believe that Rush has — from on high — enjoyed seeing us.

I think he’s wanted us to live. Ali, who’s been with the program forever, and I were talking prior to show, that Rush would want us to laugh and enjoy this medium, this medium that he saved, radio. Right? So that’s a great phone call. I’m sorry you didn’t get to speak with Rush. That is a fantastic phone call. Thank you, Brian.

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