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KEN: Florida Senator Marco Rubio was on Fox this morning, and he pointed out that we’re teaching a generation of kids all the wrong things.

RUBIO: This is what I think we should be teaching people at universities. I think we should be teaching them, we agree, engineering. I think we should be teaching them biology. I think we should be teaching them science, engineering, math, other technological fields. I think we should be teaching people the skills they need to find a good paying job and contribute to their community, their families, and their country in the twenty-first century.

That’s why we have universities. That’s why we have college degrees, not to train a generation of cultural Marxist activists but to train people so they can go out and find jobs that are good for them, good for the family, and good for the country.

Why the American taxpayer should be subsidizing teaching our young students how to hate America, how to hate everything about our history, why we should be spending taxpayer money to teach these things that are destructive, not to mention untrue, is beyond me.

KEN: Wait until more Americans find out that this is actually part of the plan, because if you get all levels of education on board with your propaganda, by the time they get into the workplace, it’s memorized. And if you approach them with anything else, they think you’re a lunatic, or a racist. Courtney Stokes, a former teacher from Georgia, another state that just banned critical race theory — kudos to Georgia. Wow. Georgia has woken up a lot, huh? Man.

And you didn’t think that would happen ’cause Stacey Abrams is running around screaming at everybody. But they said, hey, Stacy, quiet. We’re gonna think for ourselves. So, anyway, Courtney Stokes said the objective is 180 degrees out of phase, and it only serves to further divide.

STOKES: Critical race theory is a divisive ideology. It’s intended to segregate our children. It’s intended to divide them seem to be affinity groups. They are oppressors or they are the oppressed. It focuses on collective guilt. If you’re white we’re going to white shame you, we’re going to make you atone for your white privilege. And also it’s — you know, it’s very much neo-segregation.

KEN: Wow. And this is really cool. We actually have a sound bite from Andrew Gutman. He wrote the open letter to parents expressing his concerns. This is the one that I just quoted from in The Hill at how pervasive it has become in school curriculums.

GUTMAN: I had no idea how entrenched and pervasive this critical race theory and this anti-racism initiatives were in our schools across the country. I knew it was in New York City independent schools, I knew it was in some California schools. I had no idea it was in public, private, religious schools really in all 50 states, and that’s really the scary part.

KEN: And that is one of the reasons social media and the censorship and people being banned on social media is so detrimental to the future of this country and the direction we going. Because if Andrew wants to speak to Steve in Chicago or Texas, he could go on social media, and he could say, “Hey, what’s your history teacher doing about this?” And that’s why the Democrats want social media to censor things that they don’t agree with. A couple years ago Rush predicted the New York Times had finally jumped the shark when it came to the 1619 Project.

RUSH: Folks, the corruption of so much now is official with the leftist agenda, and none of it, none of it is based in fact, none of it is based in truth. Every aspect of it is geared toward lying, exaggerating in order to further the political agenda because their agenda is wrong! They simply cannot rely on day to day facts to move their agenda forward.

They have to make it all up like the New York Times rewriting the founding of America to be the year 1619 and to say that everything that’s happened in this country since, including and especially the great things that have happened, have all been illegitimate because they happened on the backs of slaves and slavery.

I think the New York Times has jumped the shark on this. I’m gonna explain why as the program unfolds because much as you and I might not want to admit it, there are millions of people who have no idea that the New York Times is now a left-wing house organ. There are millions of Americans who think that the New York Times is the epitome of classic, unbiased, objective journalism. Do not doubt me on this.

Now, you may think it sounds unbelievable, “Rush, how can any reasonable, critically thinking human being realize that?” Well, the answer is years and years and years of branding. But this, to go so over the top in trying now to rewrite the history of the founding, there’s nothing about this that is journalism. And this is gonna cause the New York Times more problems than I think they can fathom.

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