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TODD: The World Health Organization is attempting to erase from the memory of mankind the fact that we have an immune system. I interviewed a doctor who was one of the founders of the Great Barrington Declaration that was an anti-lockdown, completely noncontroversial European socialist named Martin Kulldorff.

And I brought this up to him that the World Health Organization is pretending that herd immunity doesn’t occur naturally, and he said that’s the most bizarre thing, because he compared it… He said, “This is like someone who works in aeronautics — like airplane engineering or an airplane pilot — saying gravity doesn’t exist. It’s the human immune system that ultimately ends viruses.”

Not ends them, but at least makes it inert in regard to most people. So who’s…? They’re really focused on some very, very, very important things like renaming the coronavirus variants with non-stigmatizing Greek letters. That will save a lot of lives. Right? Just like… Well, no, actually. I’m wrong. To pretend the human immune system doesn’t exist will in fact cost lives. But they want nonstigmatizing nicknames.

Rush created some of the most incredible nicknames in political history. The Maha was clear on what the coronavirus should be called.

RUSH: You know what? The real name for this thing instead of coronavirus ought to be the Wuhan virus. But you know what happens if you call it the Wuhan virus? The left will come out of the woodwork and accuse you of being a racist and a xenophobe.

They’ll accuse you of trying to tie the virus to the ChiComs. Well, hell’s bells, folks, that’s where it came from! The coronavirus, covid-19, came from Wuhan, China. That’s where it came from. Now, if it’s racist to point that out, then it’s racist to point that out. But it’s something that’s unavoidable.

TODD: I’m sorry. I’ve been call it the covid for a year now. I’m going back to the Wuhan flu. Just in honor of “The Fauch.” Maybe that can be the first chapter of his book on life philosophy. (impression) “You know what I’ve always said? If you’re going to lie, do it in an ambiguous sense in an email by saying things in the passive voice like, ‘Hugh, you’re going to have tasks you’re going to have to complete.'”

That could be Chapter 1: “How to Lie Without Lying.” Speaking of nicknames for the covid flu — sorry, the Wuhan flu. You know, hurricanes are politely named in alphabetical order with a country or a region of origin. Joy Behar once suggested that hurricanes be named after those causing political stirs like Palin, Pruitt, Trump, and even Limbaugh.

RUSH: This is Maude Behar on The View today. Now, this… Well, I don’t want to characterize. I just want you to listen to this. This was this morning on ABC’s The View.

MAUDE: The heat is creating warm waters in th-the oceans, in the Gulf, wherever, and that is contributing to the intensity of storms like Irma. Why this is the worst storm we’ve ever seen, etcet’tra (sic), has to do with, uh, climate change. And people who deny that, they should start naming all of these next hurricanes after Hurricane Limbaugh, Hurricane Pruitt —

AUDIENCE: (applause)

MAUDE: Hurricane Palin! (shouts)

AUDIENCE: (applause)

MAUDE: Y’know, Hurricane Trump!

RUSH: Now, you hear those brainless wizards in the audience applaud. But I would be honored if they’d name a hurricane after me. Hurricane Rush. I would be honored! It could be a great honor. But it’ll never happen. Hurricane EIB, Hurricane Limbaugh, Hurricane Rush, Hurricane El Rushbo!

TODD: Should have happened.

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