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BRETT: “The New York Times announced on Friday that both Trump and Biden’s administrations have attempted to subpoena their reporters’ emails to identify sources” that talk to the reporters. “The DOJ introduced a gag order” put in effect back “on March 3 to prevent the Times and Google, who operate the Times’ email servers, from publicly discussing the subpoena attempts.”

So the White House is saying: Not only are we going to try to find out who your reporters are talking to, you better not say anything about us. Psaki said, “‘Although the White House does not intervene in a criminal investigation, issuing subpoenas for reporters’ records of leak investigations is inconsistent with the president’s political direction to the department, and the Justice Department has reiterated that it will not be used in the future.’

“Psaki did not deny that the White House knew of the subpoenas directed against New York Times reporters Matt Apuzzo, Michael S. Schmidt, Adam Goldman and Eric Lichtblau. President Joe Biden condemned Justice Department practice in May 21 comments to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins. ‘It’s just, just wrong. I won’t let that happen,’ President Biden told me of the Justice Department’s seizure of reporters’ files.

“‘We should definitely, positively [prevent the DOJ from seizing reporters’ records]. It is wrong. It’s just, just wrong. I won’t let that happen,’ said Biden at the time.” This is a president who is vice president under Barack Obama, who spied on reporters! Does anybody remember that? Rush spoke about this very issue, talking about how it is that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

RUSH: You know, the Washington Post had this motto. They changed their motto after Trump was elected president to “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” We thought, “Well, these people are a little nuts.” “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Actually you know what? I don’t think it was a warning. It’s their plan. It’s their plan to keep you in the dark about things that really happen.

The word has gone out that at no time and for no reason will Donald Trump ever be portrayed in a positive or even neutral way. Look what happened to the New York Times when they ran a headline which acknowledged that Trump spoke out against racism. Look. You remember. They had to change that headline because their leftist subscribers bombarded them. (sputtering) “That was too fair!

That was… That was not hard-hitting enough on Trump!” So they rewrote the headline and rewrote the story to make it an excoriating accusation of racism against Trump. “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It’s not a warning. It wasn’t something they were afraid of. It was their plan to keep people in the dark!

Democrats are killing democracy in darkness. They’re doing it in darkness. They want to do this impeachment behind closed doors headed up by Pencil Neck. They don’t want you to see what they’re doing, under the guise that it’s so horrible, it’s so disastrous that national security depends on the American people not knowing right now what Donald Trump has done. Only when the Democrats think it’s safe for the world to know what Donald Trump has done will they then tell us.

Do you realize — you may not know this — even the Salem witches — remember the Salem witch trials burned those babes at the stake? Even the witches knew who their accusers were. On the other hand, who is Mr. Transparent here? Donald Trump. Donald Trump released the transcript of the phone call in question. “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Yes, it does. And if you ask me, I think that’s now the objective, democracy dying in darkness.

And I’ll tell you what, folks. For all of the success the ChiComs are having at infiltrating and corrupting American culture, the Democrat Party is doing a better job. The Democrat Party is doing an even better job than the ChiComs in undermining the United States of America. This all-out, never-ending assault on Donald Trump simply because he had the audacity to win an election is unprecedented.

It’s all cloaked in a bunch of garbage about crimes and collusion and obstruction, but Trump hasn’t done any of this and they haven’t had any evidence for any allegation they have made. It is a flat-out, direct assault on the very foundations of this country: free, duly constituted elections. Make no mistake about it. The ChiComs could learn from the Democrats here.

BRETT: They could. They absolutely could. The Democrats could put on an absolute Ph.D. program fort ChiComs. See, ’cause the ChiComs… If you go back to the issue at hand here, which is whether or not you’ll find out what the reporters knew, the ChiComs will just go and take it. There’s no process. There’s no due process. There’s no process due you. There’s none of that. They just show up and they take your stuff, or they take out your servers, or they knock you down.

You’ve seen the videos of what goes on with those poor people over at the Epoch Times and some of the other outlets that are operating in China. This past weekend was the anniversary and the remembrances of Tiananmen Square. (laughs) Microsoft was like, “Well, we really know if we want to have that picture up.” Why? What is that? So what you have in the case of democracy dying in darkness is you have a situation that is readily apparent, that there are two Americas.

There are the people in America who are protected by the Constitution, who are protected by the system, and those who then take the system and then weaponize it — weaponize it to go after their political opponents. Go ask James Rosen. The Obama administration was wiretapping him and spying on his family and spying on him.

Sharyl Attkisson. It’s a legendary story of mismal and maleficence to the extreme, and then they’ll sit there and say, “Well, we’re the alternative party.” No, you’re the establishment. You’re the establishment of the establishment. You won’t even acknowledge that you’re actually spying on journalists when indeed you are. But now we know, because that secret is out.

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