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BRETT: A couple of days ago, a piece ran in the New York Times (it was over the weekend): “Black Lives Matter Has Grown More Powerful and More Divided,” and you look at this and you say, “Okay. That could be any movement, right?” Movements, when they form, can become more powerful and then they can become divided, right? And you don’t know if the movements will remain, if they’ll remain a potent force.

During the 1980s — we’re now back in Fauciville but during the 1980s — there was an organization called ACT UP, right? They would go out and they would attack Catholic churches and public events because they were angry that there wasn’t enough attention given to HIV and AIDS and the battle in that regard.

That organization, I don’t think is active any longer. Right? It doesn’t have that long, long-term staying power. I’ll give you another example, and it’s one that I think Rush is going to explain beautifully here: Black Lives Matter has now become the next iteration of Occupy Wall Street. Here’s Rush.


RUSH: What do you think Black Lives Matter is? Black Lives Matter, by the way, is simply the rebirth of Occupy Wall Street under racial auspices. It is a manufactured left-wing agitator group made to look like an organic, neighborhood, community-organized group. It is bought and paid for. It has a mission, which is to agitate and attack. I mean, Black Lives Matter. They mount… Well, you know what they do. But look at the people getting behind them.

Look at all the leftist causes getting behind them. I mean, this is… Black Lives Matter is in charge of helping to spread the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot,” for example. I mean, I’m hard-pressed to come up with just how egregious this is. I’m trying to think of an analogy of a… (sigh) I can’t. It just can’t. But it is unseemly, folks. This is the Democrat Party and leftists funding the continued terrorizing of American cities. I don’t know how else to put it.

Anyway, the answer to this is political. The answer to this is ideological. You know what this is almost like? You know how the Regime will not identify terrorists. They won’t even use the word terrorism, and the Regime clearly will not ever use the words “militant Islamic terrorism” or anything related to it. By the same token, I think a bunch of people on our side of the aisle are in the process of being intimidated to the point that they will not correctly identify these leftist protest groups as being something other than protest groups.

These are not protests. When five cops are shot, 11 cops are targeted, when action like that, Milwaukee or take your favorite example, these are not protests. These are riots. These are planned, strategic, timed riots. And they’re usually tied to not a specific event, but to a cause. But if we’re not gonna be honest about what this is, if we’re not gonna be honest — we were not honest about Occupy Wall Street.

The Tea Party, I can’t tell you how it shook people up. The Tea Party is amazing. The Tea Party was truly one of the only organic developments in politics in recent history. The Tea Party had no leader. It didn’t have a single voice that was motivating it, mobilizing it, inspiring it. All of that was done by Barack Obama. And primarily two things: Obamacare and amnesty. And maybe throw in spending.

Those three things caused people who had never before been politically active, other than voting, to come out of their homes and start joining protest marches, attending town halls, harassing and interrogating — I don’t mean harassing, but participating in town halls, demanding answers from elected officials. They were predominantly Republican and conservative. It had never happened before and it scared everybody. It scared Washington, it scared Washington establishment types, of both parties. It scared them to death, precisely because there wasn’t a leader they could demonize to destroy it. It was the essence, it was the epitome of grassroots.

So they created Occupy Wall Street. They literally manufactured Occupy Wall Street with donor money and tried to make it look organic. They tried to make Occupy Wall Street appear to be something that rose up in opposition to the Tea Party. No such thing happened. Not organically. They created it. They manufactured it. They funded it. They chose the leaders. They planned the strategy. They orchestrated much of what Occupy Wall Street did.

It was not a protest movement. It was an agitation squad of the left, progressive movement, the Democrat Party, and its purpose was to take out the Tea Party. Its purpose was to give the media a show. Its purpose was to steer the media to the direction of Occupy Wall Street so they could focus on it as larger than the Tea Party and organic. It was a mechanism created whereby the Tea Party could be denigrated, marginalized, or what have you. But the Tea Party was genuine. Occupy Wall Street wasn’t.

And so Black Lives Matter is simply the child, if you will, of Occupy Wall Street. It serves a purpose. It’s made to look like it’s organic. The Democrats, working with the media, have the ability to characterize anything any way they want it. It is political. Black Lives Matter is political, and it is ideological, and it is part of liberalism. It is exactly the kind of thing you get with liberalism, and it isn’t new. The SDS, Students for Democrat Society, the Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, you name it. No matter how those groups started, they were all embraced by the Democrat Party — or liberalism or what have you.

BRETT: And it’s super interesting to look at that dynamic with those movements.

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