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As of today’s “high stakes summit” – as virtually every media outlet on the planet is calling it – both President Trump and President Biden have met officially as commander-in-chief with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The main difference, though, quipped Guide Host and former Congressman Jason Lewis, kicking off today’s Excellence in Broadcasting, is that “Biden doesn’t know it.”

Much more than just a clever jab, Jason reinforces that Biden’s gibberish-accented performance so far on the world stage amplifies a portfolio filled with timidity and inconsistences that are the complete opposite of world-class, beyond-bold leader Trump and that leave our security and future prosperity hanging in the balance.

“Trust Putin?” Jason queried, as though face-to-face with unbalanced Biden. “Do you trust all killers?”

As Fox News reported, a pool reporter noted that Biden nodded when asked if he trusted Putin, although he’s adamantly declared he hasn’t heretofore, while also labeling him a “killer” and, to boot, “without a soul.”

Other “journalists” apparently didn’t get this scoop because they were too busy claiming manhandling by Russian security agents, Jason revealed, pondering, “Can you just imagine if this was Jim Acosta?” He noted the press clearly overstepped their bounds, irrationally claiming First Amendment rights.

“First Amendment rights means ‘right to know’?” Jason asked. “No! It means right to try to find out.”

What doesn’t take anywhere near a useless J-school degree, though, is being able to find out that President Biden is beyond-pale by comparison and not even a shadow of dynamic leader Trump.

The press tried to cover up and obscure, Jason said, the real facts about Trump in his own landmark summit with Putin. “Trump was tough on Putin. Trump was tough on Russia, although you wouldn’t know it” due to Drive-By Media malignment.

We heard Rush explaining that Trump was actually so confident he could even “goose” the press, leaving them completely clueless about his really wanting Putin out. He told caller Larry, “Trump’s driving the press crazy! He’s trying to make them believe he and Putin are buddies. But, really, Trump can’t believe how stupid they are! He’s goosing them, Larry!”

Jason agreed and pointed out that some of Biden’s talking points with Putin further pointed up his complete wimpiness in comparison to Trump – or even in comparison to an everyday run-of-the mill grandpa in Suburbia U.S.A. Jason surmised that anyone with an ounce of oomph would have considered China’s probable leak of the Wuhan Virus – whether on purpose or inadvertent – an act of war and be doing something about it.

“No one in their right mind would be talking about trade with China,” Jason declared. “They would be talking about going after China!”

But President Trump, Jason complimented, of course was doing just that – and so much more, not just on the day of his stellar historic Putin summit, but every day of his never-less-than high-octane presidency.

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