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Are Bill and Hillary About to Get Harvey Weinsteined?

RUSH: The media is the power behind the Democrat Party right now. Whoever made the decision to get rid of Weinstein, why? Was it about to pop and it was gonna be so embarrassing to Democrats and they wanted to get out in front of it and be the ones appearing to discover what a reprobate he was and get rid of it? But they wanted him gone. They don't want him associated with the Democrat Party any longer for whatever reasons, and I think the same calculation's been made about the Clintons.

Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Save the Swamp

RUSH: Americans know all too well what Big Government bureaucrats have done to their lives, their businesses, and their country. That’s one reason Trump was elected: to drain the swamp.

The Deep State Protects Hillary

RUSH: I have yet to meet somebody that's genuinely conservative who wants to become a bureaucrat, who wants to become an invisible person working in the government advancing the conservative agenda. They want to work in the private sector. Government is not a focus of their lives. It is for people on the left, and over all this time there are career people at every bureaucracy in the tens of thousands.

Mrs. Clinton’s Public Nervous Breakdown

RUSH: There were people on our side that were mortally afraid of this woman for whatever number of reasons. They could not imagine that the Clinton machine would lose; neither could she.

Trump Is Right: John Lewis Lied

RUSH: Trump… I'm telling you, folks, the guy… They just can't intimidate him, they can't scare him, they can't shut him up. He's back tweeting about John Lewis.

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