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Drive-Bys to GOP: Vote McCain!

RUSH: Let's talk about Senator McCain here for just a second. There is a phenomenon happening in South Carolina. And that is that very liberal areas of South Carolina, one of the areas with a lot of liberals in it, is Charleston, where Rhett Butler was from. A newspaper in Charleston, the Post and Courier had an editorial yesterday. The headline explains the martyrdom of John McCain, what's happening here. "Give Senator McCain the South Carolina Victory He Deserves." He deserves. Of all people,...

Where Are the Hearings on 7,000 Annual Deaths from Sloppily Written Prescriptions?

I have a story in yesterday's stack. I'll have to dig this out if any of you people refuse to believe me on this. Do you know how many deaths there are in this country because pharmacists can't read a doctor's prescription and prescribe the wrong medicine? Seven thousand! That's what this story says. I'm going to find this: 7,000 a year die in this country because they're prescribed the wrong medicine because pharmacists can't read the chicken scrawling of most of these doctors out there. That's...

If Bush Wants More Troops, Democrats Are Against

(story) "On December 5th, Newsweek magazine touted an interview with the incoming House Committee on Intelligence Chairman, Sylvestre Reyes as an exclusive, and for good reason. 'In a surprise twist in the debate over Iraq,' the story began, 'Mr. Reyes said that he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 US troops,'" this is back on December 5th, ''as part of a stepped up effort to dismantle the militias. 'We have to consider the need for additional troops to be in Iraq, he said, to take...

Chuck Hagel Roasted by CNN Anchorette

RUSH: CNN today, American Morning, the co-host Soledad O'Brien interviewed the estimable Chuck Hagel, Republican senator from Nebraska, and she's talking to him about this -- and Hagel gets roughed up here by the Drive-By Media -- resolution that the Senate is going to pass that opposes the surge in troops in Iraq. Her question to Hagel: "The resolution actually has no effect on the president's plan to send these troops into Iraq."
HAGEL: Well, first of all, this is a process. This resolution...

Illegals Lose Jobs in California Freeze; Gore Refuses to Debate Critics; Stalinism at the Weather Channel; Lame Brain Prince Charles

"The deep freeze that has destroyed some $1 billion worth of California's citrus..." Folks, we heard about all of the problems with this regarding the price of citrus that's going to go up three to four times. It's going to cause windfall citrus profits, or maybe taxes as well on them. By the way, did you see Apple? By the way, they're Apple Incorporated, now. They dropped "computer" from their name. They're just Apple, Inc. First quarter net Income: seven billion; profit, one billion. That...

Democrats Propose Blogger Registry

Get this next one, ladies and gentlemen. We know that Kucinich is out there talking about the Fairness Doctrine. There is an ethics bill, though, before the Senate, and "The ethics bill before the Senate not only cracks down on lawmakers, but also subjects politically active ministers and neighborhood groups to the same rules as K Street lobbyists. Under the legislation, grass-roots organizations that attempt to 'influence the general public' to contact members of Congress would have to register...

You Can Always Count on Ditka;Does Obama's Smoking Make Him Cool?

RUSH: Would you believe it if I told you there was politics on ESPN yesterday? I would believe it, too, if I told it to myself, even though when I was there it was taboo. This is yesterday on Pardon the Interruption. The co-hosts, Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, were talking to Mike Ditka, the former coach of Da Bears and also the New Orleans Saints. Wilbon said, "You toyed with running for the Senate against Barack Obama a few years ago. He's running for president now and has been very...

Court's Wal-Mart Ruling Could Kibosh Arnold's Health Care Plan

RUSH: There's big news, by the way, out of Maryland. Remember that Maryland law against Wal-Mart, about their health care for their employees and so forth and if they didn't contribute enough, didn't pay their employees enough health care, they'd have to send the balance to the state? A second court has told them it's unconstitutional. I have details coming up. It's great news just in and of itself that the legislature cannot -- the Maryland legislature just cannot -- run roughshod over the private...

America's Real Anchorman

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Pelosi is going to announce her global warming panel in 30 minutes. It's 37 degrees in Frisco, 36 in Santa Barbara, 43 in San Diego, and 37 in Houston. Maybe she should wear earmuffs."
"To hell with the judiciary getting involved in national security! There's nothing in the Constitution that gives them that right, and there's nothing in the Constitution says you have to extend them that right!"
"'Process' is for intellectuals....

Democrats & Student Loans

I was checking the e-mail here during the top-of-the-hour break, and, I don't know, randomly found this. I just scour subject lines, and somebody giving me grief for my analysis of the student loan interest rate reduction yesterday. Of course, I pointed out that you people are missing the whole point of this. The whole point of lowering the interest rates on student loans and increasing the tax deduction for tuition when you pay to send your crumb crunchers to universities, all this is designed...

Katie's Queen Bee Syndrome

RUSH: This next story is sort of bubbled up out there. Katie Couric on her blog yesterday talked about how she went to the White House for a briefing on some thing with all the other anchors and journalists and so forth, and she writes this. "But of the people at the table, the principals in this meeting, I was the only one wearing a skirt. Everyone was gracious, though the jocular atmosphere was palpable." This got me to wondering: "Does she not know what 'jocular' means?" You know what I think...

Who Cares What the Drive-By Media Does?

RUSH: Steve in Colorado Springs. Thanks for waiting, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Master Limbaugh! Terra dittos on every single subject across the board that lifts off your glorious tongue, sir.
RUSH: Thank you, sir. (Laughing.)
CALLER: Hey, I'm a financial investor, and getting back on the subject with the media and the stuff that you were on earlier in the program, I'm on the news all day long every single day, and for the last couple weeks I've noticed something pretty...

Rush's Advice to the Administration

RUSH: There are some things happening. If you're one of the things people out there that you're paying attention to news and say, "My gosh, everything's disintegrating here! We've got marbling over in Iraq saying, 'Get the troops out; just give us a bunch of guns.' You've got Chuck Hagel and a bunch of cowardly Republicans trying to implement their own version of the New Tone by joining Democrats in this resolution." We have audio sound bites, by the way, to support all of this coming here. I'm...

Jury Still Out: Did White House Win, or Did They Cave on Terrorist Surveillance?

Yesterday around 2:30 Eastern Time the news hit that the president had decided not to renew a program of "domestic spying" on terrorism suspects. Once again, the Drive-By Media -- this is a Reuters story -- continues to misrepresent what the program is! It is not, and it never was, "domestic spying." We're going to lose this war if we cannot convince the American people, if the American people cannot be told accurately, what the program is that is designed to keep America safe. Anyway, that's...

Callers Speculate on Administration's FISA Motives

RUSH: Dennis in Chatham, Illinois. Thanks for waiting. You're up next, sir.
CALLER: Hi there.
RUSH: Hi there!
CALLER: How are you this afternoon?
RUSH: Fine, thank you.
CALLER: I'm calling in about the FISA Court.
RUSH: Good. I want to talk more about that.
CALLER: It is my opinion that they gave into it to prevent congressional hearings. The administration gave in to using the FISA court for the domestic surveillance to avoid congressional hearings.
RUSH: Well,...


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