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Waxman Bill Forces Environmental Inspection to Sell Your Own Home

RUSH: You've gotta hear this sound bite from Henry Waxman this afternoon with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, on MSNBC. She said, "Republican leader John Boehner, in explaining why he was reading the bill on the floor," meaning the cap-and-trade fiasco, "told The Hill newspaper, 'People deserve to know what's in this pile of [expletive.]' Does that indicate what kind of relationship has now developed between the Democrat majority and the Republican opposition right now?"WAXMAN: Since Obama...

The Sanford as JFK Joke and the Fracture of American Conservatism

RUSH: It has happened again, ladies and gentlemen. It's happened again. In US State-Run Media, a prominent state-run journalist fails to get my line about Mark Sanford: "He could have been our JFK." It happened on CNN's State of the Union yesterday, the host, John King, is talking with Mary Matalin and some other people, and they have this exchange about my take on Governor Sanford.KING: Rush Limbaugh lamented after all this played out of what might have been. Let's listen.RUSH ARCHIVE: I...

Der Kommissar's In Town and He Will Change Your Lightbulbs

RUSH: A couple of audio sound bites here, Der Kommissar is Here, is the title of the bump tune. It fits. Barack Obama this afternoon in the White House extolled the virtues of cap and trade.OBAMA: Just last Friday the House of Representatives came together to pass an extraordinary piece of legislation that will finally open the door to decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, preventing the worst consequences of climate change and making clean energy the profitable kind of energy. Thanks to...

Angry Obama Aims to Get Even

RUSH: This is Jan in Spokane, Washington. Hi, Jan, I'm glad you called. Nice to have you with us.CALLER: Hi, Rush. A real big pleasure to talk with you.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I just flipped on the radio this morning on my way to work and was listening to you talking about Sotomayor and some things that she said and what I was wondering is when will Caucasians become the minority, considering that we're thinking about amnesty, and also considering the birth rates of non-Caucasian people groups,...

Supreme Court Acknowledges Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Racism

RUSH: I have a couple things written here by Alito, who wrote a concurrence with Kennedy's majority opinion. By the way, the majority opinion was joined by Scalia and Clarence Thomas as well. Now, here's what Justice Alito wrote, essentially on Judge Sotomayor's failure of impartiality. "Petitioners," meaning the firefighters," "were denied promotions for which they qualified because of the race and ethnicity of the firefighters who achieved the highest scores on the City's exam. The District...

News Chickification: Women Write About Sanford's Love for Mistress

RUSH: I'll tell you, the news today is filled with examples of what's gone wrong with the media, given the chickification of news. The basic point of TIME Magazine's story is that women become obese after they get married. It's their husband's fault. It's the husband's fault that women get fat after marriage. I'm going to explain this later in the program. This is obviously not a priority. I'm just setting the table here, whetting your whistle for what's to come later. We gotta get to the...

El Rushbo Supports Justice Brothers in Case of Media v. Michael Jackson

RUSH: We haven't talked about this Michael Jackson episode, but there's one thing I want to say about it. The media in this Michael Jackson episode is a horrible disgrace. It is so bad that the only guy making sense on any of this is Al Sharpton!That's how bad the media coverage is. All of these lies about the autopsy report, all of this misinformation about the doctor shooting him up with Demerol, the guy's lawyer said he didn't do it and so forth. For once I understand -- I don't believe...

Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years, Waxman and Markey Remain Free

RUSH: Bernie Madoff, 150 years. One-hundred-fifty years for Bernie Madoff means he'll be out by next spring, probably. While Bernie Madoff gets 150 years, Waxman and Markey weren't even cited in their scheme, their rip-off, this climate bill. Do you realize there was not even a bill? There was not even a copy of the bill in the well of the House, which is standard. It wasn't even written. These people voted on this bill -- not read it, it wasn't written, they couldn't have read it if anybody...

Rush's Morning Update: Dead! June 30, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Dead!June 30, 2009Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Last Friday the House of Representativesvoted 219 to 212 in favor of the so-called "American Clean Energy and Security Act." Ifthis thingpasses the Senate, centuries of American progress will be reversed. Under this bill, our energy resources will be taxed so heavily and cut back so drastically, our status as the economic engine of the world will be...

Monday Quotes: The Truth Detector

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"While Bernie Madoff gets 150 years, Waxman and Markey weren't even cited in their scheme, their rip-off: this climate bill.""Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union admits that he has a weekly meeting with Obama. A union thug has a weekly audience with the pope! They spent $60 million getting Obama elected, and what Obama is doing is trying to make union membership more attractive as a payback.""You can't mandate...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Obesity Magazine: Men Make Their Women Fat RUSH: TIME Magazine. I can't wait to give you details of this but it's going to come later in the program. I'm just giving you a little heads-up on what's come. "First Comes Love, and Then Obesity." Bonnie Rochman, TIME Magazine -- I'll tell you, the news today is filled with examples of what's gone wrong with the media, given the chickification of news. The basic point of TIME Magazine's story is that women become obese after they get married....


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