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Coming Soon: EIB Sob Stories

RUSH: Joe in St. Louis, thank you for waiting, sir. You're up next. Hello.CALLER: You know, Rush, I've gotta disagree with you about two things. The Democrat Party as far back as Roosevelt has never been anything but a party of envy, jealousy, and greed. And they've always been a minority. But come this election, the people that voted for Obama, they didn't vote because of hatred. They didn't vote for hope and change. They voted to get even with me and you. It's payback time. And that's...

Why Wait Until 2014? Demand All Obamacare Provisions Right Now

RUSH: I'm thinking about that Politico piece here from Carrie Budoff Brown in which she says: Oh, the Democrats are really smart here, because they have timed a lot of the goodies to kick in -- not all of them by any means -- right before the November elections but all of the pain and poison pills don't kick in until after the 2012 election. This is said to be something that will harm Republican reelection chances in our effort to take over the House and maybe the Senate in November. Well, Ms....

Democrats Must be Defeated

RUSH: So Obama keeps saying, "After a century of trying we now have" health insurance? What? Maybe the Democrats tried. Maybe they invoked Teddy Roosevelt -- who if he was around today would surely wonder about a new massive spending bill -- but what Obama is really saying, my dear friends, is, "We statists try to force this on the people for a hundred years and we finally did it -- against your will!" That's what he's saying, because that's who he's been waging war against. If they have a victory...

We Should All Have Shirley's "Sick Feeling" in Our Stomach

RUSH: Shirley in San Antonio, you're up first in this hour. Great to have you on the EIB Network.CALLER: Thanks for having me on, Rush. I am so fed up, I don't know whether to stand up or sit down. I am tired --RUSH: Well, do whatever would make you the more comfortable.CALLER: Well, I am tired of Nancy Pelosi covering for our brave president and our young president and for Harry Reid talking about this "light-skinned Negro with no dialect." I am so tired -- and the press! I'm tired of the...

Liberals Set Up Website to Send El Rushbo a Ticket to Costa Rica

RUSH: Our insurance company representative, Stacy, did have to go into her meeting. We'll be calling her back at 1:30, 25 minutes from now. If you missed, she has been regularly calling us over the past six months. She always goes to some secret location in Atlanta, in Georgia to make the phone call to protect herself, but she's been telling us from the insurance company perspective just what's headed their way and thus ours. Remember, now, she's the one that started all this Costa Rica businesses,...

Stacy, Our EIB Insurance Expert

RUSH: Stacy in hiding... is this our insurance babe? Stacy, welcome back. Great to have you here.CALLER: Hey, Rush.RUSH: Do you know you have gotten me into so much fun hot water?CALLER: I know, I've heard!RUSH: Do you know how you did that?CALLER: I did by coming on about Costa Rica.RUSH: You came on and you told me that your insurance company was setting up medical operations in Costa Rica, you're going to take the doctors and everything down there and you're going to sell insurance policies...

"It's Going to be Like Christmas"

RUSH: Listen to it and weep. Raleigh television last night, uninsured patient DeCarlo Flythe was asked about Obamacare.FLYTHE: It's just going to be like Christmas, I mean it's going to be great. No worries, you know, the bills, we can go ahead and pay our copay and be all right.RUSH: It's going to be like Christmas. No worries. No bills. Go ahead and pay our copay and it will be all right, that's it, going to be like Christmas. Listen to it and weep. I mean that's why Obama's got a 46%...

Biden Drops F-Bomb on Obama

RUSH: Here is Biden. This is during the Star Wars bar scene today, the signing ceremony at the White House. He drops the F-bomb here as he's embracing Obama, talking what a great day it is. It's just three seconds. I don't think everybody was able to hear this, but people close by were. Let's see if we can pick it up. We have bleeped it, obviously.FOLLOWERS: (applause)BIDEN: This is a big f(bleep)ing deal!RUSH: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear it. All I heard was a crowd. Apparently he said to...

The Bottom Line: It's Love vs. Hate

RUSH: I think the timing of this signing ceremony, which to me looked like the largest Star Wars bar scene I have ever seen, I think this was in your face. The timing of this was in my face, 'cause they think that I am the ideological leader of the opposition. This was, "Hey, Limbaugh, look at us. Look what we did. Have a great day, Limbaugh. We hope your day is ruined." It's not. I'm still an American and 'til they take that away from me there's no day ruined. 800-282-2882 is the number....

Rush's Morning Update: Change Looks Like March 24, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Change Looks LikeMarch 24, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer After the big health care vote, President Obama proudly declared: "This is what change looks like." Never forget those chilling words, folks.Democrats, for the first time in our history, have given the federal government the power to dictate to each of us what products and services we must purchase -- enforced by the IRS.Nowhere in the Constitution...

Tuesday Quotes: Doctor of Democracy

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"The liberal media is celebrating this great victory. What great victory? Over who? Us! The American people!""I think the timing of this signing ceremony, which to me looked like the largest Star Wars bar scene I have ever seen, I think this was in my face, 'cause they think that I am the ideological leader of the opposition." "I'm still an American and 'til they take that away from me there's no day ruined.""It's clear that the...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Senior Congressional Staff Exempt from MandatesRUSH: I saw this story last night. If this health care plan is so good, how come the people who wrote it are exempted from it? Hotline, On Call by Reid Wilson: "Leadership Aides Exempt From Bill? House GOP aides and the non-partisan Congressional Research Service believe health care legislation passed this week requires lawmakers to enroll in government-run insurance programs -- while exempting leadership staffers, many of whom were instrumental...


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