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Democrats Want GOP Victory to Mark the End, Not the Beginning

RUSH: Remember talking with President Bush just an hour ago, he admitted 2006, middle of the war in Iraq, midterm elections, "people were tired of me." I said, "How does that feel?" I mean you're president of the United States and you think people are tired of you. That's what the left relies on. They rely on people just getting beaten down, just worn down, that's what they're counting on here. They're counting on everybody thinking the election being the peak. "All right, victory, we won,...

Bill Clinton: A Covert Operative in 2010's Reverse Operation Chaos

RUSH: Rowan Scarborough in Human Events: "Among all the bad tactics by Democrats leading up to their election disaster Nov. 2, one tactician stood out as the worst: former President Bill Clinton." You read this as I read excerpts of this to you, and you're going to suspect (as I mentioned yesterday and last week) that former president might himself be a covert operative in Operation Reverse Chaos. Now, we know that Clinton helped our cause with his bumbling effort to get Kendrick Meek to drop...

Rush's Morning Update: Fear November 10, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: FearNovember 10, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Well,a few days have passed. Reality is setting in. New York Times headline: "Now in Power, GOP Vows Cuts in State Budgets." You can smell the fear.Republicans taking over state capitols around the country have promised to deal with massive budget deficits in draconian ways. In Wisconsin, there are proposals to reduce public workers' benefits. In Maine,...

Tuesday Quotes: Your Conservative Rock

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Democrats are doing everything they can to convince themselves, and as many people as possible, that Obama's policies had nothing to do with their defeat.""Gallup says that Obama's approval numbers have jumped four points. Don't worry about it, folks. It always happens: Obama leaves the country, and the approval numbers go up." "Story: 'Obama, who just lost control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans, unabashedly...


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