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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Romney Shines in GOP Debate || Iran Bomb Plot in DC? || Democrat Senate Rejects Obama (Tax) Jobs Bill

It's a Huge Day for Apple

RUSH: I think I've been very reserved today when it comes to Apple. I mean this is a huge, huge day, and I haven't said a word about what's going on, but it's big. iCloud is live now, iOS 5 is live today (10.7.2 for your computer), the new Lion software upgrade is live today, which puts iCloud on your computer. All kinds of apps are being updated to work with iOS 5 today through iPad or your iPhone.

Disgusting Remark from Joe Bite Me

RUSH:  So rapes and murders are increasing in Flint, Michigan, because the American Jobs Act was not passed by the Republicans.  That's Vice President Bite Me's disgusting message to police officers and firefighters. Has anybody ever considered that there might be so many rapes in Flint, Michigan, because there are so many Democrats there elected by Democrats? Ever think Michael Moore might have something to do with it?

Morning Update: The Arts!

A new study focuses on one of America’s most elite and privileged groups the blue-blood, blue-state, arts-and-croissant crowd. Commissioned by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, the study shows that billions of dollars in funding is directed to arts that appeal to wealthy white audiences. Everybody else’s art is ignored. Yes, minorities are as usual hardest hit.

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