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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Cain Smear Falters || Market Plunges on Greek Vote Pledge || Obama SecLabor Rips "Teabaggers"

Watch Out, Virginia!

RUSH: The latest mailer from the Democrat Party in Virginia says that if you don't vote -- if you're a Democrat, if you don't vote -- Virginia may suddenly be under total control of Rick Perry, Ken Cuccinelli, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin. To which we say, "If only!"

Jon Corzine is a MF-ing Crook

RUSH: Jon Corzine -- former senator, former Goldman Sachs CEO, former governor of New Jersey -- had his own private financial firm where he basically took money from the firm and put it in his own pocket. It's malfeasance on a near-record level. You know what the Democrats and the media are saying?

"Gee, how could a guy so smart make such a big mistake?"

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On the Rushwire: Bank of America Drops Debit Card Fee ... Two Drinks of Red Wine Cause Cancer? ... Manufacturing Growth Down "Unexpectedly" ... How the Feminazis Have Increased the Cost of Business ...


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