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Morning Update: Secrets

Some background. Democrats are calling their big confab “the People’s Convention” a title Chairman Mao woulda loved. They promised their dupes -- er, donors -- that “the People’s Convention” will be the most transparent and accessible convention in history.

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Clinton Lies in New Obama Ad

RUSH: I cannot sit here and listen to this without practically exploding. Anyway, before I explode, we have put together our own ad. We've put together our own version of Clinton and this ad interspersed with what Clinton really thinks.

Republicans Shouldn't Give the Left the Power to Impact Their Own Self-Esteem

RUSH: We still have people in our media, in our party, who are obsessed that the liberals not think of them as they think of all conservatives.  It grates on me.  It bothers me. I know it's hard, 'cause everybody wants to be loved and everybody wants to be respected and everybody wants to be highly thought of.  So any time a massive bunch of criticism hits, most people wilt 'cause they don't know how to deal with it.


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