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Two Polls Put Race at 50-46 for Romney...  For Every Person Added to Labor Force, 10 Leave...  Molly Ball: Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised Obama Is Falling Behind... Obama to Campaign in New Hampshire?... Obama Backed Battery Plant Bankruptcy... Global Warming is Over...Wind Turbines Endanger Birds... Miners to Obama: Stop War on Coal...UK Guardian: Obama Presidency Hasn't Helped Blacks in US...

Debate Preview: Obama Knows He's Full of It, Romney Knows Obama's Full of It -- and Obama Knows Romney Knows He's Full of It

RUSH: How many flimflam artists do you think Romney's dealt with, had to shoot down?  I'm sure that Romney, throughout his career -- Bain Capital, even at the Olympics, governor of Massachusetts, wherever -- I'm sure he was told all the time by hotshot CEOs of failing companies without a clue how to turn it around: "Profits are just around the corner, just need a little more time."

Barry Ignores Question on Hillary and Libya

RUSH: I'm gonna predict to you that we will learn that Obama's top advisers, including some of his top campaign people, were involved in this cover-up. Because that's what this is. Mrs. Clinton has now inserted herself into this cover-up. We're gonna learn that some of his top campaign people were involved in this spin.


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